Listen to Kelela’s New Track “Frontline”

Author: Lindsay Jernigan
09.05 / Music

Kelela's 2015 Hallucinogen made headlines with its new take on classic R&B. Since 2015, she has continued to make waves on collaborations with artists such as Solange on the track "Scales," and with Gorillaz on the track "Submission." The artist is now back with the debut of her new track "Frontline."

On Sunday night's episode of Insecure on HBO, Kelela premiered her new track. Issa Rae's hit comedy has gained a reputation for its choice of music, featuring songs from Solange, Miguel, and many up and coming artists. Rae announced on Thursday that the second season soundtrack will be available ahead of the season finale, on September 8. Kelela's "Frontline" from her upcoming album, Take Me Apart, will be featured on said soundtrack.

Listen to "Frontline" below and let us know what you think!