Listen to Willow Smith’s Three-Song Project Titled “Mellifluous”

Author: Jana K. Hoffman
12.09 / Music

This week, Willow Smith made waves with her surprise three-song project titled Mellifluous on SoundCloud, a follow-up to her self-produced “November 9th” track. This comes just days after the release of Jaden Smith’s artwork for “Fallen.” Do we sense a friendly sibling rivalry? 

Mellifluous translates to “pleasant to hear; soothing, harmonious, mellow.” The title couldn’t be more fitting given her dreamy vocals, soft melodies, and lo-fi electric guitar riffs. Even more haunting are her lyrics; each song is a testament to her matured songwriting skills.

This collection of songs shows that we certainly have more to look forward to from this young powerhouse. Sit back, listen and enjoy.