Living Colorfully With Lourdes Villagomez

Artist Lourdes Villagomez’s vibrant acrylic work embodies the spirit of Mexico— eye-catching, colorful, and warm. Just scroll through her Instagram and you’ll catch a glimpse into the heartwarming passion she feels for her country. After studying many artistic outlets across the globe, from graphic design to photography, Lourdes’ use of brilliant colors and intricate designs are the perfect representation of Mexican culture. Learn more about the Mexico City native’s inspirations and career as a visual artist below!

Your work is beautiful! Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration in my country. I love the rich culture Mexico has and I find inspiration in our markets, food, nature, and everything I see around me.

You work primarily with acrylics, why is that? Are there any other styles you like to work with?
I use acrylics because it's the kind of paint that better suits my technique. It dries quickly and I love the textures and colors you can get out of it.

You’ve attended school in a few different countries, Italy most recently. What was it like to study in such different places? How did it affect your style?
It's wonderful to study abroad because you get to meet different people with completely different ideas and creative processes which is really interesting. It also helped me to value my beloved Mexico even more and to start painting about my culture.

“I love to make Mexicans proud of our culture and of our country. I would love to encourage that through art and showing how beautiful Mexico is."

Being an artist can be an especially difficult career path. What are some of the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
As an artist, I've had to be very disciplined and open-minded in order to be able to work with different ideas. I also have to try and find new opportunities all of the time.

Which artists do you look up to the most? Why?
I love @onurpainting and @alexameadeart. Onur has a unique technique and I absolutely love what he does! Alexa has developed a great style which I think is very special and creative.

What is your ultimate goal as an artist?
I love to make Mexicans proud of our culture and of our country. I would love to encourage that through art and showing how beautiful Mexico is.

Tell us something you love about Mexico that people might not know!
I love a lot of things about Mexico; I love our food, our colors, our beaches, and our weather. We have a great and beautiful country but most of all, I love our people.

What does MISSBISH mean to you? Who is your MISSBISH?
MISSBISH for me is being strong and comfortable with yourself; a person who loves what she does and does it with passion and dedication. My MISSBISH is my sister, she is a strong and beautiful woman who fights for everything that she wants and gets it.

Photos by: Ana Hop

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