Living Life in Color | Brazilian BAE Magá Moura

Author: Nicole Fung

Her hair says it all, Magá Moura, lives life in color. Hailing from Bahia in Brazil, Magá is a ray of sunshine and rainbows. Her style emanates her personality; a passionate, positive, independent and inspirational woman who does not give a f*ck about what people think. She's fierce, she knows who she is, she knows what she wants, and she is not afraid to expose it to the world. Fashion rules her universe, she's constantly pushing boundaries while encouraging others to do the same. Her style is unconventional and unique which is why we are absolutely infatuated with this Brazilian BAE.

Can you tell us about where you're from? Were you always into fashion? What sparked your interest?
I was born in Feira de Santana and lived in Irará for nine years, both cities located in Bahia. I guess I've always had a strong connection with fashion because my mom is a seamstress. Since I was a child, my sister and I had the most fashionable dolls. We designed all their clothes, choosing fabrics and trimmings.

I moved to São Paulo for most of school and college. My background was initially in marketing. I've always wanted to do what I love, and as my own personal style grew, fashion was something that came natural to me. I studied at both the Istituto Europeo Di Design as well as the London College of Fashion.

I took everything that I learned and went back to Brazil to find a job. With my experience, I found a job working for a textile company. Unfortunately, the job wasn't anything like what I had expected and the people I worked with lacked inspiration. All of these experiences were essential in leading up to where I am today. Since then, I have created my own business and achieved more than I had ever imagined. 

Tell us your thoughts on Brazil’s fashion scene. How quick or slow do you feel Brazil adopts trends?
Brazil’s fashion scene is boring, dominated by mainstream style. People generally adopt trends based on media and celebrities as seen on TV or in magazines. People seek approval that is non-existent and are generally judgemental. Brazilian fashion lacks character and personality. However, one thing Brazil does offer is diversity, presenting both liberal and conservative approaches to fashion.

“My style is an expression of my personality and nothing more. Over the years, I discovered who I really am and what makes me, me. Which is reflected in the way that I dress.”

Considering Brazil’s reputation as having one of the highest rates of plastic surgery, do you feel that Brazilian women are set against unrealistic beauty standards?
I feel that this is a global phenomenon. Women demand too much of themselves, they seek perfection, but nobody is perfect. In Brazil, women are obsessed with having an amazing body, not necessarily being skinny, but having curves in all the right places.

However, I believe that we need to embrace our unique features and imperfections, be proud of who we are. That's why I talk about powerful women on my blog, hoping to encourage my readers to be who they are and to influence them in a positive way.

You studied Fashion Marketing in London, how would you compare fashion in London compared to São Paulo? Is there anything you would like to see carry over or change  in Brazil in terms of fashion? or the other way around?
In London I felt free, I didn't feel judged or criticized, which sadly isn't the case in Brazil. In my experience, Brazilians are quite negative, closed-minded about anything out of the ordinary. I felt like people in London are more experimental and open-minded. Most people I met had individual unique styles and appreciated fashion along with its diversity. There was a mutual respect for creativity which I would love to see in Brazil.

Your hair is amazing! Tell us about your style and your hair! Where
and who do you draw your style inspiration from?
My style developed with my life experiences and personal growth. My style is an expression of my personality and nothing more. Over the years, I discovered who I really am and what makes me, me. Which is reflected in the way that I dress.

My hair - the braids - emerged as a way to salvage my hair after a hair treatment gone wrong. My hairdresser told me that I could either shave what I had left or get braids, the choice was obvious. Since then, braids have become a part of who I am. I love my braids and they are one of my trademarks.

“People are scared of showing who they truly are, I’m here to show them that they don’t have to feel that way. Stop hiding, you don't need approval.”

Why did you decide to start your own website?
I created my website because I was sick of seeing the same thing. As I mentioned, fashion in Brazil is boring, everyone dresses the same. People are scared of showing who they truly are, and I’m here to show them that they don’t have to feel that way. Stop hiding, you don't need approval.

What is the blogging scene like in Brazil? How do you differentiate yourself? What do you enjoy writing about?
Honestly, I don’t follow blogs. I tried to at first, but I was uninspired. I couldn’t find anything that I could relate to. Nothing was of relevance to my lifestyle, which is the main reason I created my site. It is a direct reflection of me, it's my personal journal of style references, sneakers that I love and everything that I feel is important to share.

I believe that I differentiate myself by being real. I'm just like any other human being, but I am not afraid of expressing my personality. I feel that I am unique, authentic, fearless and I have more to say then just things that are superficial.

What have been your most memorable experiences since you started your website?
London Fashion Week was an amazing experience for me. I met a lot of cool people and it was refreshing seeing how differently fashion is interpreted in London. The most rewarding part was that I also felt like I had made an impact. I received a lot of compliments on my style which resulted in international media coverage. Being referred to as a style icon during London Fashion Week was kind of a big deal to me. It gave me a major boost in confidence and energy to pursue everything I wanted to do.

“This is my dream job. I have my own business, I've developed my own identity and I've built a brand.”

Where do you shop? What are some of your favorite brands?
I love to shop at thrift stores and at 25 de Março Street. This is where I find cool and unique items that express me. I hardly buy clothes or accessories in Brazil. I shop the most when I travel. I try to find Primark whenever I can.

As for sneakers, I shop at Cartel 011, a unique sneaker boutique based on SP. I'm also an ambassador for Nike Sportswear in Brazil, a dream come true! Haha ... It's easier now getting my hands on my favorite kicks. 

What would your dream job be?
This is my dream job. I have my own business, I've developed my own identity and I've built a brand. I never want to go back to the corporative world, 8 hours locked in a office is a nightmare for me.

What are some of your other passions? What do you like to do on your free time?
I love running. I love traveling and seeing the world. I like to go out with my friends, talking over beers. I love to dance, create new things, think of new projects ... I am a super dynamic person, always thinking of cool and fun things to do.

What are three hidden gems in São Paulo?
Brazilians know how to throw a good party. The best parties we have are Catuaba party, Metanol na Rua (it is a street party) and a party that I'm throwing at Cartel 011 this month.

Photos by: Alex Batista

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