Luxury Meets Marijuana With Beboe

If you're familiar with buying weed, you know the process can sometimes be an anxiety-inducing one. Fine artist and celebrity tattooist, Scott Campbell, aims to change the scrutinizing feelings associated with buying with Beboe, an upscale line of cannabis vaporizers and edible pastilles.

Campbell and Clement Kwan, a former fashion executive, founded Beboe to cater to professionals who value design and premium goods. Beboe was unveiled at an opulent dinner party, much like bringing the traditional bottle of wine. They hope to change perceptions, and make it more socially acceptable with their upscale line of goods.

The premium marijuana brand was named after Campbell's grandmother Be (short for Bernice) Boe- who bought dime bags to make brownies to alleviate his mother's pain as she battled cancer.

Beboe's packaging is just as premium as the vaporizer itself, with white and rose gold details, as seen in the gallery above.  In addition to the vaporizers, low-dosage edible pastilles are being sold as well. Beboe products are currently only available in California, and you can purchase the vape and pastilles online for $60 and $25 USD, respectively.

Source: NY Times