M.I.A. Releases Multimedia Project | Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader than a Border

Author: Lindsay Jang
07.13 / Music

M.I.A. who has always been a fan of keeping her followers wanting more, teased a new audio-visual project last week and today it has officially been released through Apple music, titled “Matahdatah Scroll 01 Broader than a Border.” From a recent press release, it was revealed that Matahdatah is also the title of M.I.A.’s upcoming audio-visual album, which will slowly be released via more truly unique short films, each shot in different countries. The films, which are directed and edited by M.I.A. herself, will come together to create a full-length album and film about borders.

The short film was shot in West Africa and India and features stunning shots of traditional dancers with M.I.A. amongst it all. A new track titled “Swords” is featured on the short film, along with a track from Matangi, “Warriors.” The new single is different from her last track tease “Platforms,” which doesn’t appear on Matahdatah. Like everything M.I.A. does it is effortlessly fluid and stunning, leaving the wait for her other short films highly anticipated.

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