Madelaine Petsch Beats Gordon Ramsay In a Vegan Cook-Off

Author: Jana K. Hoffman
06.12 / Food & Drink

The new season of MasterChef has returned just in time for summer viewing. To kick it off, Gordon Ramsay and Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch had themselves a vegan cook-off, and guess who took home the bacon — er, we mean tempeh? Ramsay has made it clear in the past that he's not such an expert when navigating the vegan-food world. This instantly gave Petsch, a vocal vegan, the upper hand.

The mystery-box challenge included some interesting food items including dates, kelp noodles, and tofu. For their meals, Ramsay made a cauliflower steak dish and Petsch presented a delicious and healthy pasta option. Ramsay received praise for this attempt; however, the judges ultimately named Petsch the winner.

Watch the challenge to see it all go down and for some recipe inspo.

Source: Well + Good