Maison Kitsuné & Toiletpaper Back Again For A New Genderless Collection

Author: FengLin Soo / Photos: Maison Kitsuné
06.16 / Style

French label Maison Kitsuné & Toiletpaper reunite for a new genderless collection made up of a fusion of art and style. Kitsuné offers a selection of black and white items true to its signature minimalism, and playful artwork such as dripping smiley faces and photographs of cats take center stage on the tees, sweaters, and caps. Co-branding comes in the form of Toiletpaper's preferred small red box with both brands' names plastered across.

The 15-piece collection also contains accessories like iPhone cases and tote bags, and will launch at Maison Kitsuné's New York flagship on June 16, before it's available online.

Source: Hypebeast