Makeup Artist Felicia La Tour’s Experience Using CBD for Anxiety

Author: Felicia La Tour / Photos: Carmen Chan

At one point in my life, I knew my anxiety was getting worse and I needed something to help me cope. As a mom coming out of postpartum depression, I was always seeking ways to keep my anxiety to a minimum--and showing up to my daughter's preschool high as a kite was no longer going to cut it, as well as freaking out over the smallest things. I needed something outside of Mary Jane and I for sure wasn’t going back to antidepressants, for fear of my liver getting shot.

CBD was something that I was introduced to from several different people, but I wasn’t educated about it enough to know that 1) it doesn’t give you the psychoactive experience that THC does and 2) it does so much more for aiding the body outside of calming it in anxious situations. So my holistic doctor contacted me and said, “ Hey Felicia, have you tried CBD? I want you to try a brand that is water-soluble and has no THC.” At that point, that woman had already saved my life so I was willing to do anything and everything to take my health journey to another level. I tried purseven drops and have been a CBD advocate ever since!

Look, I’m not saying that you will take these magical drops and BOOM, life is perfect. What I am saying is, CBD is a great aid in helping you to relax and grasp your thoughts and feelings faster. I use CBD along with exercising 4 times a week, praying every day and night, keeping healthy company around me, maintaining a balanced diet, staying creative, and listening to myself. When the ego tries to stress you out or increase your anxiety for no reason, sometimes we need a little assistance to come back to earth. I’ve decided to take a pretty natural route and it works for me!

A few of my favorite brands are: purseven, flwrfood, Kush Queen. All brands offer different products containing CBD and it’s pretty cool to see more and more people catch on to an all-natural substance to lessen anxiety. More CBD equals more peace of mind.

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