Making a Big Impact at a Young Age with miniBISHes Anais & Mirabelle Lee

Author: Angela Fernandez
08.16 / miniBISH

Modeling, acting, singing… this is just a short list of the many accomplishments twins Anais and Mirabelle Lee have under their belts. At just 10 years old, the girls have acted alongside one of Hollywood’s largest celebs--Zoe Saldana, have walked runways for big names in the fashion industry, and co-starred in the hit series The Blacklist, all while being successful students with outstanding grades in school. There is no disputing why they are featured as our newest miniBISHes, keep reading to learn more!

What was your first acting gig and how old were you?
We were 5 years old when we started acting but started modeling at 3 years old. Anais was in Heidi Klum’s “Truly Scrumptious” Babies R Us commercial. That same year we shared the role of “Janie” in the movie Blood Ties as Zoe Saldana and Matthias
Schoenarts' daughter. It was such an amazing experience being on set filming for weeks and attending the Cannes Film Festival for the Blood Ties premiere. We love being on set and learning from other actors. It is really cool watching ourselves on the big screen! After our first movie, we knew what we wanted to do this for a living.

How was it playing Zoe Saldana’s daughter in Blood Ties?
Filming the movie with so many great actors was an amazing experience. We filmed for several weeks and learned a lot. We got to work with an amazing director, Guillame Canet, and stars like Mila Kunis and James Caan.

Who are your role models and why?
We look up to Beyoncé because we think she has a great sense of fashion and she makes awesome songs about real life. We watch a lot of Beyoncé videos to incorporate her dance moves into our runway dances. We also look up to Natalie Portman because she won an Oscar while studying at Harvard! We like the fact that she remained focused on academics while pursuing her acting career. School and academics are very important to us.

What do you love to do on your free time?
We love social media and spend a lot of time on our Instagram page @anaismirabelle thanking people for their nice comments and liking photos. We also like to make arts and crafts and hang out with our friends. We are coming out with our own YouTube channel soon about fashion, hair, and beauty. Stay tuned!

You have modeled for top brands from Saks 5th Ave to PUMA Kids, is there a brand or brands you are dying to work with?
We would like to do a print campaign for Nike and Maddie because we think they are fun brands. We already wear Nike and Maddie clothes all of the time so it would be really great to represent them in a print campaign.

“Our goal is to be a great all around entertainer – actor, model and dancer and role model to others."

Recently you walked for Nike and Levi’s in NYFW, describe the feeling walking down the runway.
It was so fun! We walked for Nike and Levi’s in the Rookie USA show. This is our second year walking in the show and it has become so popular because a lot of celebrity kids walk in the show. The show has so much energy and we love seeing everyone cheer for us when
we walk down the runway. This year we had the honor of closing the show for Nike with a hip hop dance we choreographed. We love NYFW!

At such a young age you have achieved so much in your careers, are there any new goals that you have set for yourselves?
Our goal is to be a great all around entertainer – actor, model and dancer and role model to others. We want to win an award for acting like an Oscar, Golden Globe or Emmy and use our popularity to help others. We think that helping others is very important. We work
with a charity called the Black Cotton Foundation in Newark, NJ to help less fortunate children. One day when we are huge actors, we will be able to help even more people.

You participate in your school program “Bernard’s Buddies” which helps autistic students in school, can you explain exactly what the program consists of?
We love volunteering with “Bernard’s Buddies.” This program helps autistic students to adjust socially at school. We are paired up with an autistic student and spend the day with them. We play with them at recess and help them to have a great time at school.

Is it difficult to juggle your careers while still maintaining good grades in school?
The hardest part about being a model and actress is not being able to go to school every single day. We love school but we have to miss sometimes to be on set. The good thing is that we get a set tutor so we can keep up with our school work. Our friends and teachers
think that what we do is so cool. After our go-sees, jobs, or auditions, we study for our tests. We get really good grades because school work is important to us and we like to win in school too.

What advice would you give a friend wanting to get into acting?
Never ever turn down an audition. When you audition always do your very best. Read A LOT. This helps with reading scripts and commercial copy. Reading is important if you want to be a great actress.

What does miniBISH mean to you?
miniBISH means you are a pretty, smart, talented, super cool person who is kind to everybody. And you give to others!

Photography by: Christina Choi

Clothing by: @luxlivboutique

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