Making The Most Out of Healthy Living | Meet Fitness Guru Remi Ishizuka

As a health and fitness blogger, Remi Ishizuka's world revolves around taking the necessary steps to feel her best. Whether it's coming up with fun and healthy new recipes or trying out the latest and greatest fitness trends, Remi is always on her A-game when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Although she admits that she hasn't always lived this way, health and fitness immediately became her passion after she saw and felt the benefits. Check out our interview with Remi to read more about her life as a fitness fanatic as well as her tips for staying healthy!

Have you always been such a clean and healthy eater? When did you decide to start a new healthy lifestyle?
Definitely not! When I started doing BBG in 2014 that was the first time I really committed to pairing working out and healthy eating. I started with the goal to make 1 healthy meal a day, which turned into creating a new breakfast bowl a day and my passion just escalated from there. Before I knew it, it became a lifestyle!

What have you learned about yourself from your journey?
Wow, where to begin? I think the biggest thing is to just let life take you where it will. My education and job experiences never pointed me in this direction but taking the leap to pursue my passion was definitely worth it. It took a lot of work and daily effort but I believe if you are truly passionate about something and willing to put in the hours, the stars align in your favor and it will happen!

You write about both food and fitness -- how important is it to keep the balance between the two?
You really can't be in your best shape without properly nourishing your body so it's crucial to balance the two! Plus, generally we feel better when we have been eating healthy foods and hydrating! I always feel more energized and my skin feels way better when I'm balancing nourishing foods with regular sweat sessions!

Speaking of balance, do you have any advice on taking care of your mind and spirit? What do you do that helps you feel at peace?
I make sure to always center myself at the start of the day. I try not to check my emails or start doing work until I've done my morning routine which consists of drinking something warm like matcha or a turmeric latte, and aromatherapy to wake up or some foam rolling! In the midst of a busy day if I'm feeling overwhelmed I like rubbing a few drops of lavender oil on my palms and taking 10 deep breaths. It literally takes 1 minute and makes me feel so centered right after.

“Because my career is so public, it's important to me to just keep doing what I love and doing it for myself."

As a health and fitness blogger, you get to test out new studios and classes as soon as they come out! Any innovative classes that you are excited about?
I've been loving Lagree Studios on La Cienega! I have never been a mega reformer pilates fan because 2 minutes in and I want to give up, but this class is over before you know it because it's only 25 minutes long. The machines also tilt side to side making it extra hard. I love a good challenge, plus it's fun!

Another class I recently tried while I was in New York was Bari studio. It's a fun trampoline workout and works out every part of your body. My arms, calves, legs, and abs were all incredibly sore the next day and I can't wait to to go back next time I'm in New York.

You've been able to travel to so many amazing places! What spots did you love and are itching to go back to?
I absolutely loved St. Barths, it was so beautiful -- the French culture, deep turquoise water, and the delicious french food was so good. I would love to go back one day. Cuba was also such a unique experience given that the cars, fashion, and culture were all seemingly frozen in time. Next on the bucket list is Iceland and India!

You seem to know all of the best places to eat in LA! Where are your top three favorite places to grab a healthy meal?
If I had to just pick three...first, Chloe's! It's a cute vegan spot with unicorn pancakes and the best beet ketchup! Destroyer is second, it's a minimal Scandinavian-style breakfast and lunch spot. Every bowl is beautifully curated using the freshest ingredients. The atmosphere is also gorgeous. I've also heard a lot about Plant Food and Wine and can't wait to go there soon!

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
I think first and foremost it means being a female leader. But for me it's about being true to yourself, being positive, looking at any setbacks as a learning experience, working hard, finding balance in all aspects of your life, and finding happiness all in between. Because my career is so public, it's important to me to just keep doing what I love and doing it for myself.

Who is your MISSBISH?
Lee Tilghman from @leefromamerica! She lives and breathes what she preaches and is such an inspiration to me. Her positivity radiates online and in person, and I've learned so much from her!

Photographer: Christina Choi

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