Married to the Mob Shares 2016 Holiday Collection Featuring London Ziloh

Author: Kristen McCloud
11.08 / Style

Married to the Mob's latest Holiday Collection features artist, curator, and model London Ziloh. Ziloh's bold style, strong social presence, and involvement in the fashion industry make her the perfect muse for Married to the Mob's 2016 Holiday collection, which showcases on-trend streetwear silhouettes and accessories that reflect the brand's dauntless style.

Signature pieces include a series of earth-toned “Fly High” jackets and bold lightweight camo windbreakers with the signature “MTTM” logo across the front and back. A camo backpack, black and camo palette sports bras, knit leggings, and “MTTM” army green baseball cap will all be included as well. Key phrases like "Slay,” “Girls Squad” and “Special Bitch” make an appearance on multiple pieces throughout the collection. Finally, the collection is complete with a “No Fuckboys Allowed” air freshener which may be an essential to gift to your girls, for self-explanatory reasons.

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