McFit Collaborates With Wexer To Launch Virtual Studio Concept

Author: Marguerite Castaneda
10.01 / Fitness

German-based McFIT Global Group has announced a partnership with Wexer, the digital fitness specialists. Their partnership is resulting in building and spreading the virtual studio concept, CYBEROBICS. CYBEROBICS is a high-quality virtual fitness class that has revolutionized the virtual fitness experience. The classes are cinematically shot in various locations, from Miami South Beach to the Mojave Desert to Malibu, and are able to be used in any club around the world.

Until now, CYBEROBICS was only available at McFit's clubs. Now, by partnering with Wexer the program will be available to clubs all over the world. If clubs meet the minimum standard of AV, they can deliver the program, unavailable on any other platform. For more information on the unique fitness experience, head to Wexer. 


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