Meet EMI, A Bad BISH That’s Redefining Music Genres

Get familiar with Seattle's favorite baddie, EMI. The talented artist has been hustling to make her music sound like her "alien" self. And while her music is noticeably different, it's super relatable in a genre that she calls "vibe-driven." Dig a little deeper with the songstress and get to know her below!

Tell us who EMI is. You have such a dope name, is it your real name?
EMI is short for Emily, my name. I go by both.

If you could rename and rebrand yourself, how would you do it?
I would never rebrand myself, but if I could somehow manipulate my name to make it easier to find, I would.

How would you describe your aesthetic and music genre?
I've heard that my music is dark, but I don't like to think so. I like to combat that by either putting a positive sounding beat behind dark subject matter, or trap sounds behind the more emotional stuff so it doesn't go too far either way. I think my music sits at a happy medium between R&B, pop, trap, and a more alternative, vibe-driven genre.

Describe your songwriting process.
I've never had a set process. Sometimes I'll sit in silence and write an entire song in 15 minutes. Sometimes I sit for hours with a beat on a loop. Sometimes I match a beat to the lyrics. Sometimes it's the other way around. Whatever gets it done. I've found that trying to stick to a "process" limits my capabilities and puts stress on me to do things one specific way.

“I've never had a set process. I've found that trying to stick to a 'process' limits my capabilities and puts stress on me to do things one specific way."

What inspired your vision when you were putting out Planet?
All the songs on Planet sound like they are part of the same family. They have a spacey sound to me, with all the synths, vocal chops, and reverb. Planet is a direct product of my consciousness, as sometimes I feel like life is as surreal as my music sounds. I also have never felt like I fit in and have deemed myself an "alien," which contributes to the feelings behind Planet.

What’s a random fact about you that not very many people know?
I write all of my own music, and help with a lot of my own production.

What kind of projects do you have lined up that you can tease us about? Who are you currently working with?
It's a secret. But know I have more to come and many treasures in the vault.

Top three people you’d like to collaborate with.
6lack. The Weeknd. Rihanna.

What are three hidden gems in Seattle?
I can't blow up my spots, because then everybody would go.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
Girl Power, influence, and bossiness.

Who's your MISSBISH? Tell us who she is and why she's an inspiration to you.
Rihanna for sure. Very few female artists have the capability to have a career of this magnitude for as long as she has. She's experienced hardships in the public eye, and not only came out on top, but made those situations her b*tch. She is one of the most lovable artists of this generation, and looks good in literally anything.

Photographer: Andrew Ling

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