Meet Lauren Fisher and Amanda Fisher | Female Graphic Designers for the NBA

03.27 / Art

Basketball has become a canvas and a vehicle for expression - whether you're a player or working alongside them. Design, fashion, art, and basketball have all come together to create a culture, and behind-the-scenes are two talented women; Lauren Fisher and Amanda Fisher. Lauren, a motion graphics designer and director, has worked on large scale court projections for the Atlanta Hawks while Amanda has spent over ten years working to produce graphics for the NBA.

With basketball and the NBA as their muses, Lauren and Amanda have spoken in an interview about their experiences as motion graphics designers. Though their work is years apart, they have both made an impact in the worlds of basketball and visual culture.

When speaking of her career, Lauren expressed that she to utilizes her childhood interests, her imagination, animation, green screen visuals, and typography to tell a story.

"It's this all-encompassing kind of world... Design and clothes and fashion and art, they already seem like they're holding hands. There's an on court expression — there's swagger and everybody’s style coming into play with their personalities."

While not raised with basketball and not having much experience with the sport, Amanda Fisher has produced intriguing graphics for television shows NBA Action and Inside Stuff. She states that people now have no idea about how things were done before computers, adding,"Graphics is a very visceral way of looking at art because you’re giving the message and it has to be really clear and easy for people to understand."

Lauren revealed that he reads about the players she works with beforehand, in order to get to know them and to ultimately elevate their graphics. For example, in a meeting with NBA star Dwight Howard, she connected with him over his collection of snakes.

When speaking on gender equality within the industry, Amanda states, "When I was first there were not very many women who were a part of the team. There was one women editor and two schedulers. Four of us. It was cool to be down there with the boys. As time went on and as my life changed with children, we added on more and more women. It was very much male dominated."

Take a peek at some of their work above and head over to MAEKAN to listen to the full interview.

Source: MAEKAN