Meet Miami-Based Digital Artist & Founder of COVL, D’ana

She's cool. She's bold. She's a go-getter. She's D'ana. The up-and-coming digital artist is making a name for herself as South Florida's go-to designer, according to Snapchat queen YesJulz. Her colorful graphics are sprinkled with her down-to-earth persona, giving us more insight to who she is as an artist and a woman. We had the privilege to speak with the mastermind behind Collections & Volumes (COVL) - join us in getting to know D'ana below.

Tell us how you became an artist. 
I've been a creative for a while now, whether it was styling or creative direction for a brand. But I started doing digital illustrations at the beginning of January 2015; I was given a Wacom tablet as a gift and I guess you can say the evolution of COVL began a new venture.

They say art imitates life. Where do you draw inspiration from and how much of that is influenced by the city of Miami?
I've always been a color junkie. Quite obsessed actually and the way it's interpreted whether through packaging or digital. So a lot of my work starts with color, then the image comes after. Also, Miami is filled with vibrancy and history, I'm always snapping photos of places to reference back into my work. So you can say that a lot of Miami lives in what I do.

Your work + persona has caught the eyes of many, including social media queen YesJulz. How would you describe your brand, Collections + Volumes?
People who gravitate towards my work understands that my brand is witty, honest and fun. And the fact that I am my brand makes my work much more authentic for both myself and others .

In a world where art gets replicated over and over, what do you think is the key to staying original?
People should know how to level out being inspired by others. There's a fine line between being inspired and being inspired enough to not portray it in a different manner. Finding your niche in a world of replicas isn't easy but if you're about evolving and immersing yourself in what you do, then your work becomes yours and raw. So throughout the past year, I have molded what I do to my taste and my style.

“Don't box yourself in. I say this all the time. And don't get comfortable with the idea of something not working out, admit it and move forward.”

You collaborate frequently with your significant other to curate visuals and the results are amazing. What is the secret to you and your partner’s ability to work together?
I love this question, honestly, I do because people look at us like we're magicians (hehe). But to be real, love and work is a hard mix. Yet we've been able to manage the two by treating them like two separate entities. In figurative terms: When we work, we have our working hats on; when we're not - we take them off. And by doing that, we've crafted a creative yet unconditionally loving relationship.

Choosing to be a full-time artist is far from easy. What keeps you going and inspired?
Adulting isn't easy, especially when you're your own boss. What keeps me going is that I have the ability to allow my art to pay for my rent and my needs. There's something so gratifying about that. No one can take that away from me and that alone is humbling enough to keep going.

What do you see for your brand in the future?
COVL will eventually become a staple name in design, whether it continues through digital or eventually into feasible products. I currently have a few projects in the works, which I can't elaborate on just yet but all I can say this summer is looking mighty fine.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
Don't box yourself in. I say this all the time. And don't get comfortable with the idea of something not working out, admit it and move forward. I've gone through a series of careers before finding this love for art and yet, I'm not comfortable with it which is great because every time I create I don't perceive it as something that's easy, I see it as a challenge. Challenges are good.

Tell us 3 hidden gems in South Florida.
1. My home. As cheesy as that is. I've curated some of my best work there.

2. S & S Diner. Their breakfast dishes have changed my life.

3. Brew Urban Cafe. A speakeasy kind of vibe that legit serves THE BEST coffee. No lie.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH serves as solid platform for women to thrive. Every hard working innovative women oozes MISSBISH. She's a force to be reckoned with and is unapologetically herself.

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