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Author: Sarah de Brun
11.22 / miniBISH

There are many benefits to teaching children to live a healthy lifestyle, and the practice of yoga has specifically become a wellness favorite amongst kids. Between boosting self-esteem, increasing flexibility, and minimizing stress, the low-key exercise connects a calm connection between the body and mind. For 8-year-old miniBISH Lili Sunday, it was a way of life passed down to her by her mother Lindsay, co-founder of MISSBISH. Along with yoga, Lili enjoys jazz, ballet, and hip-hop dancing, swimming, and singing as forms of keeping active and creative. We met up with Lili and she shared her yoga experiences with us, along with modeling a few new pieces from the active apparel line Onzie.

Tell us how you got into yoga and what it means to you...
My mom taught me and it's just lots of fun. It means a lot in different ways -- it's fun, it's quiet, and it makes you more flexible.

What is your favorite yoga pose?
King Cobra -- where you do cobra and try to touch your feet to your head from behind.

Which yoga pose was the hardest for you to learn and how did you feel once you accomplished it?
The splits were quite hard but as I kept on practicing it got easier and easier, and then when I finally could do them, I was like, "Wow!"

Yoga is very relaxing and calming. What other activities do you enjoy when you want to chill out and have fun?
I like reading and I like doing gymnastics. You have to be careful when you do gymnastics because it's much faster than yoga. I love the back handsprings and cartwheels.

Yoga might be intimidating to those who are new to it. What would you say to a friend who is interested in trying it out?
I would say, "Go for it! You're going to be great! You should go to 4 or 5 classes before you decide. Have courage."

“Go for it!... Have courage."

Tell us about Onzie, the brand you're wearing. What do you love about the pieces?
I love the sports bra because of the straps, the shirt is so nice because of the hole in the back, and the tights were totally amazing.

What are your favorite places to travel to and why?
I like Mexico because it's warm and it feels like it's always summer there. I like America because it's where I was born and I meet a lot of my mom's friends there.

What's your favorite healthy snack?
I love Made Good granola bars because they have oats and chocolate chips and dried strawberries. I love nuts! I also love soya sauce.

What does miniBISH mean to you?
My mom and her friends own MISSBISH, so I am miniBISH, and I am proud.

Photos by: Alex Maeland | Styling: Onzie Youth Elastic Bra, Onzie Youth Track Legging, Onzie Youth Long LeggingOnzie Youth Scoop Back Top

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