Meet Project Runway Season 15 Winner Erin Robertson

Author: Angela Fernandez

From dental assistant to winner of Project Runway season 15, our newest MISSBISH, Erin Robertson is all things fun and fresh. Take a quick scroll through her Instagram and you will be instantly entranced with all of the colorful photos and intrigued to keep looking. The designer's aesthetic is not only quirky but definitely one of a kind. Her visually appealing designs and originality are exactly what got her to the finale of the hit Lifetime show. We were able to interview Erin and get some insight into where she draws her inspiration from, upcoming projects, and more. Read more below!

First off, congratulations on winning Project Runway Season 15. Describe the feeling when Heidi Klum revealed that you were the winner?
Thank you! It actually didn't really hit me for a while. That day and the past 3 months were so insane. I was just so happy that Heidi never kissed me goodbye!

In the finale, Zendaya said, “As fun and as kooky as it was, it felt very expensive and very cohesive at the same time,” can you explain your creative process?
It's a little all over the place...but I'm mainly inspired by the textile or what the textile will be made of. There are a bunch of mistakes though when figuring out what works, so it's pretty stressful.

When and how did you realize that fashion was something you wanted to make a career out of?
I realized it after I had been working as a dental assistant at Harvard for 5 years back in 2010. I didn't know that fashion was something you could make a profession out of. Growing up in a small town in Utah didn't expose me to the potential that you can have by being an artist/designer.

“I think being truly innovative and thinking about how what is made has an impact on society and the environment."

How would you describe your design aesthetic?
Cheeky. Thoughtful. Sexy. Modest. Fun.

Where do you draw the most inspiration from?
Anything fun.

If you could design for anyone in the world and have them wear your pieces, who would it be?
Iris Apfel or Anna Delo Russo.

What advice would you have for someone looking to get into the fashion industry?
I think getting into the industry now is pretty tough. So much has already been done... I think being truly innovative and thinking about how what is made has an impact on society and the environment.

What do you have planned for this upcoming year? Any projects that you can tell us about?
So much! And it's all happening soon! Doing an amazing art fashion show at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum with my friend Christian Restrepo. Two projects with Jordan Piantedosi; one is a fundraiser and the other is a fun collection of one-of-a-kind pieces. And a secret thing that I can't announce.

Top three favorite designers?
Neri Oxman
Josef Font
Ricardo Bofill
They're not all fashion designers.

What are three hidden gems in Boston?
1. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
2. Mike and Patty's
3. A4 Barcade

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
The future is female. Women supporting women is magical.

Photos by: Andrew Zizik

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