Meet REVOLVE’s Party Starters, Alyssa Rara and Justine Cuenco

Author: Sheila Deiz / Photos: Christina Choi
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REVOLVE has seemingly become an online home for hundreds of women's and men's designer labels with many celebrities supporting the business, such as Chanel Iman and Shay Mitchell--just to name a few. But beyond the clothes, REVOLVE has gained a reputation for throwing some of the coolest parties in LA and all over the world. We got to chat with two boss bishes, Alyssa Rara and Justine Cuenco, who work behind the scenes to help make all of the event and party magic happen. Learning the importance of how to balance the work of party starters and staying fashionable--we take a peek into what it's like in the fashion world. Learn about everything from beauty tips, to staying balanced and sharing advice on how to break into the fashion industry... Alyssa and Justine are holding it down.

Being part of a team that throws the coolest parties, what goes down behind the scenes to make it all happen?
Alyssa: Meetings on meetings, communication via every channel you can think of, and so much last minute hustling. I once had to fly to Paris that same day to deliver all of the jewelry for a jewelry launch party we were throwing that same night!

Justine: A lot of DMs, emails, and tears. I work with powerhouses who get things done no matter the deadline or circumstance. The most satisfying thing is seeing it all come together!

What do you personally love about REVOLVE and how has it influenced your style?
Alyssa: REVOLVE has made me venture outside of my usual t-shirt and jeans, and keeps me creative in how I can style pieces I normally thought I couldn't pull off!

Justine: When I started at REVOLVE, I had no idea what brands were cool or what trends were in. I kinda always had my go-to look which is still high waisted trousers with a slightly cropped top to match. REVOLVE and all of the bloggers we work with have FULLY influenced my style. I can 100% thank my job for my upgrade.

From emails to meetings, what are some of the ways that you keep sane?
Alyssa: I've had to learn to pick my battles and be choosy about what I react to. My boyfriend, family, and good friends outside of the industry keep me grounded and sane. And of course--wine, yoga, and making my bed every morning!

Justine: Man... I recently started meditating in December 2017. I listen to business podcasts often and almost every single successful CEO (including Michael Mente, Founder/CEO of REVOLVE) attributes their balance to meditation. So far, it's really helped me. And of course working out, which I do every morning!!

What are some beauty or skin products that you can’t live without?
1.) My skin tends to be dry so I love using rosehip oil instead of moisturizer once in a while.
2.) Sheet masks. I buy a huge pack in Little Tokyo and stick them in the fridge. Instant mini spa night!
3.) Caolion's pore pack--it comes with a tightening bounce cream and mask to wear overnight. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and youthful.
4.) La Mer moisturizing soft cream. Heaven in a jar.
5.) Maybelline waterproof Falsies mascara. I've tried so many fancy mascaras and this one works best on my thin, straight lashes!

Justine: I recently purchased Prickly Pear Oil while in Morocco. I use that on my skin every night as a moisturizing mask. It's the absolute best!

What is one must-have item in your closet?
Alyssa: My vintage Prada kitten heels that I wear with everything!

Justine: My Karolina High-Rise GRLFRND jeans. THEY ARE F*CKING PERFECT.

"A lot of DMs, emails, and tears. I work with powerhouses who get things done no matter the deadline or circumstance. The most satisfying thing is seeing it all come together!"

Do you have any advice for women who want to start a career in the fashion industry?
1.) Network, network, network. Exchange emails and Instagram handles. You never know where one conversation may lead you.
2.) Intern and do as much work for free as possible when you're beginning your fashion career and do it well.
3.) When interviewing, don't go into too much detail about your passion for fashion. We hear the same spiel over and over. Everyone just wants someone super hardworking and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
4.) Be nice to everyone, whether that be the CEO or intern.

1.) The hustle never stops, so be prepared.
2.) Network, opportunities won't find you. You need to find them--it starts with "Hi my name is ________."

If there’s one thing you’ve learned and taken to heart throughout your career at REVOLVE, it is...
Alyssa: Stay focused on the big picture! Every task, big and small, is vital.

Justine: I work with a lot of amazing and inspiring people who have taught me that the power of teamwork really does make the dream work.

Name 3 hidden gems in LA.
Alyssa: I'm not sure that anything in LA is a hidden gem anymore but...
1.) Speranza in Silverlake--they have good wine and serve pasta in big bowls (order the squid ink pasta, just not on a date). It's cute, cozy and they have blankets for when it gets cold.
2.) The tiny, old theater in my neighborhood in Los Feliz that only shows 3 movies.
3.) Crawford's on Beverly. I recently went here for the first time for a friend's birthday and it stole my heart because it's divey, lowkey and they serve fried chicken!

1.) Marugame Monzo in Ktown--BEST UNI UDON SOUP IN THE WORLD.
2.) Pampered Hands in West Hollywood--affordable and the fastest nail shop in town. They give free boba out while you're being serviced, it's genius.
3.) Tomoko Spa in Beverly Hills--I recently experienced a crazy amazing couples massage/sushi dinner here. If you got a man, ask him to take you here.

Lastly, what does MISSBISH mean to you and who is your MISSBISH?
Alyssa: MISSBISH is the girl that can do everything and have everything, but doesn't feel the need to do it for anyone but herself. My MISSBISH is my late grandma! She was the most amazing, dynamic woman.

Justine: MISSBISH is the girl who isn't afraid to wear or say what she feels. She is strong and isn’t afraid of anything.
My MISSBISH and my everything is my Mama. She is the most bad*ss, hustling, courageous woman I know. Without her, I am nothing.

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