Meet Stylish DJ, Coco Robert


While going to school in one of the music capitals of the US, Coco Robert quickly discovered her love of DJing while pursuing a degree in music at NYU. Not only has Coco spun beside major artists like Travis Scott and Major Lazer, she's also played for crowds at EDC and Coachella. With a focus on creating the right energy for the right crowds, Coco is sure to set the perfect tone at all of her shows. Get to know the bad bish DJ below!

When did you start DJing? What prompted your interest in it?
I graduated from high school early and moved into Manhattan with a bit of time before beginning college at NYU. During those months, I was out and about and became particularly intrigued by the role of music in the social scene. In my eyes, music was the pulse of the best parties and the hottest clubs. My attention was on who was in the DJ booth and on seeing which songs consistently took each party to that peak level of energy. So, when school started, I was simultaneously learning to DJ and filling my schedule with courses like “The Art of Mixing with Kevin Killen” and “Contracts and Deal Making in the Music Industry with Lauren Davis.”

How would you describe your personal style of mixing? Which artists would you say have influenced you the most?
I’m definitely influenced by melodies and vocals from 90’s hip hop and R&B. I’ll combine classic artists like TLC with newly popular beats. My sets range from hip hop to dance and span the past few decades.

How would you say your degree in Music and Entertainment Business has helped you career-wise?
The process of earning my degree was arguably more valuable than the degree itself. Being on a campus in the middle of Manhattan definitely had a big impact on my career trajectory. While I was busy exploring the music industry on my own, I was also able to enroll in classes that specifically addressed the questions that were coming to mind.

"Any disrespect one might experience on account of being a female in any male dominated industry is just noise... There is so much more I can put my energy towards to benefit my career."

What’s the most difficult part about being a female musician in a mostly male-dominated industry? What words of wisdom do you have for other young women interested in pursuing a career as a DJ?
Any disrespect one might experience on account of being a female in any male dominated industry is just noise. I have chosen not to acknowledge anyone who chooses to judge me as a DJ based on anything besides my live DJ set. There is so much more I can put my energy towards to benefit my career.

You’ve already performed with some crazy big names, like Travis Scott, Fifth Harmony, and Wyclef Jean. Who else would you love to share the stage with?
I tend to get the most excited performing alongside new artists on the rise, especially anyone I’ve personally seen put in work to get to that point. Not much compares to the energy that is unique to a hardworking musician who has just reached that breakthrough moment.

The New York Post named you the Hottest DJ of Fashion Week - you definitely have killer style! Who’s your muse, fashion-wise?
I really admire the monochromatic, classic style embodied by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I rely a lot on comfortable, staple boots and oversized bombers and jackets.

We’re super envious of all the traveling you do for work. What have been some of your fave places/cultures to experience? Why?
I love traveling to Europe during Fashion Week. It’s such an interesting, lively convergence of people from all different parts of the globe. Paris and Milan are beautiful cities on their own, and the presence of so many passionate creatives creates this amazing energy throughout.

What’s the best part about being a professional DJ? What aspects do you not love as much?
Constantly traveling and being a part of high-energy events goes both ways. It can become lonely and draining. When I have the support of the right people by my side, it is exhilarating.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
To me, MISSBISH is embodied by a woman who forges her own path and sees no limits.

Photographer: David Sun Kong & Damian Chandler

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