Meet the Fitness Phenomenon Kaisa Keranen from Zum Fitness

If your Instagram feed is anything like mine, the makeup is about 1/3 sneakers, 1/3 political satire, and 1/3 fitness inspiration. Like a lot of people, I’m fickle when it comes to my feed. If you’re boring, repetitive or uninspiring, I’m quick to unfollow. It’s a cold and ruthless world and no account is safe! However, over a year ago, I started following Kaisa Keranen, a Seattle trainer who's known for her explosive movements, energetic videos, and sick sneaker collection; and I was hooked.

She initially lured me in with her high-tops and kept me captivated with her two-foot jumps over tennis nets. She is someone whose feed I not only look forward to but regularly check in on for creative moves that I can build into my own training schedule. She regularly posts videos with 3-5 moves that you can do anywhere with zero equipment, and she makes her 180-degree-turn jump squats look fluid and effortless. It must be her years of training at UW in heptathlon that gave her the strength, balance, and flexibility to bound through exercises.

Not only is she fun and inspiring, she’s got a solid exercise science background. Her Master's degree in Science, Sports Performance, and Injury Prevention gives her an incredible foundation to layer her creativity in training. All of this – her athletic resume, her scientific training, and her inspiring Instagram following – has garnered her some serious attention. FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, invited Keranen to be a part of her go-to trainers for her 2015 “Let’s Move” digital campaign. In addition, she's regularly featured on Vogue, Men’s Health magazine, the Daily Burn and SELF. So she’s not only a local celebrity, but she’s also traveling all over the world and becoming a national celebrity.

I was lucky enough to connect with her to learn a little more about this fitness phenomenon. (I'm hoping that one day my pistol squat will look as good as hers! It's doubtful, but a girl can dream.)

Name: Kaisa Keranen

Gym: Zum Fitness

Role: Trainer

Years: 7 years

Background: I grew up partaking in every sport I could get my hands on, from gymnastics to swimming to soccer, and then later track and field. I ended up continuing with track and field in college at the University of Washington (I did the heptathlon).

After graduating from college and feeling rather worn down and injured, I decided I wanted to start learning about my body. Why was it not functioning the way I wanted it to? Why was I always in pain? Questions people couldn’t seem to give me the answers to so I figured I’d have to go get them myself.

I got certified through NASM and began running boot camps and enrolled in an internship at Zum Fitness. From the moment I started coaching, I realized I had found my passion. The happiness it brings me to see people move and gain confidence in their movement and their body means the world to me.

After being at Zum for several years as a trainer, I moved on and started my own business, KaisaFit.

Several years ago, I decided that I wanted to test my hand in training athletes so I went back to school and got my Masters in Exercise Science: Sports Performance and Injury Prevention. I also joined an internship at my alma mater to see if training athletes was really what I wanted my next step to be. As much as I loved it, I missed training my clients and the fun and excitement that comes from getting people to move and understand their bodies for the first time. After my 5 month internship, I went back to training my clients with a newfound passion and excitement that still exists today.

Complete the following statements:
Pre-workout ritual: Sit for a minute and figure out what my body needs/wants to do that day, then grab my headphones and go out and do it!

My spirit animal: A TIGER, for sure! (Angie: this woman is exactly what a tiger would look like if tigers wore tennis shoes and lived in the city.)

My greatest extravagance is: Shoes! My shoe addiction is serious.

If money and time were no object: I would be a professional... I would definitely be doing what I am doing now! I love my career.

Spoken like a true BISH. Be sure to follow her @kaisafit - trust us, your feed is about to get 10x more interesting!