Meet the miniBISH Dancer at the Top of Her Game | Charlize Glass

Author: Marguerite Castaneda
09.20 / miniBISH

Do you ever look at those who are younger than you and can't believe that they are so dedicated, driven, and successful at their age? Get ready to add another name to the list of young, successful women who are doing whatever they can to continue to grow. Meet Charlize Glass, the young dancer who not only has already been on TV, but has received a shout out from Beyoncé herself. She has been in the dance world since she was 2 years old and continues to blow everyone's minds with her dance routines and positive attitude. Read on to find out what's next for Charlize and what inspires her to keep going.

How long have you been dancing for?
I've been dancing since age 3, so it's been 13 years. I loved dancing from the beginning, it all came naturally for me. My mom said I was bouncing in my diaper in front of the TV to Dora & The Wiggles.

What is your favorite style of dance and why?
My fave style has always been hip hop but I prefer my style to have a bit more flowing movement to it. I like more texture in the movement, so it's sort of been becoming more of my own style. For me personally, I like the details in dance--that's what I'm known for, the details. Which can be both a blessing and a curse, haha.

Tell us about the dance scene in Los Angeles. What makes it so unique?
I was born and raised here in LA so this is what I know best and what I love. LA is known for being the capital of arts, theatre, and film. Dance is only growing bigger and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for it.

"Dancers are intelligent, creative, brilliant, both physical and emotional individuals who use dance to express themselves. We're #hardworkers."

What do you wish more people knew about dancers?
I wish people realized how hard dancers work. It's not just physical--yes there are the bruises, sore muscles, torn up bodies, etc.--but there's also the time put into each class, rehearsal, and performance on a daily basis. Also, there's editing that goes on behind the scenes to produce a video, class footage, or project--whatever it may be. Dancers are underpaid in my opinion. Dancers are intelligent, creative, brilliant, both physical and emotional individuals who use dance to express themselves. We're #hardworkers.

Has there been a favorite performance or video that you have worked on? What has been the most memorable part of your career so far?
That is tough because I have had so many great moments. I would have to say the Super Bowl/Beyoncé shout out was a big one. And, of course, being on TV on ABDC as part of 8Flavahz.

What continues to inspire you as a dancer?
Probably my dance mentor, Brian Friedman, who has opened doors for me, given me opportunities, and pushed me as well as continues to push me all of the time to be better. I have grown so much because of this man, who I love immensely.

Who would you love to work with? Is there a dream choreographer that you want to meet and work with?
I would love a solo with Travis Wall.

You've accomplished so much in such a short amount of time--what are some of the next goals you want to reach?
I would like to go on tour with an artist--maybe a few tours, lol--or be in a movie.

What would you be doing if you weren't dancing?
Oh gosh, who knows but maybe running track.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH means to do good and be good. Be better than everyone else. Stay focused, stay strong, and stay driven. Most of all #STAYHUMBLE.

Who is your MISSBISH and why?
My MISSBISH is my mom! My mom is the hardest working single mom that I know and the one who will take a bullet for me. She has sacrificed a lot. She has dedicated her whole life to my life and my career, and has put herself aside. For her, I am forever grateful.

Photography by: Christina Choi

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