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Author: Sheila Deiz / Photos: Lucie Sassiat
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Clio Pajczer knew exactly what she wanted to pursue at a very young age. Her passion for yoga has created a path where she is able to inspire and educate others on all things yoga. From creating quick 3-5 minute video clips of yoga content on her IGTV, to creating her very own book Yoga Time, Clio continues to make it her priority to help people find their inner peace. In the midst of her everyday life as a yoga teacher, Clio is also a Global Ambassador for adidas Women, making it clear that she's one to watch. We caught a glimpse into Clio's life as she shares with us her journey as a yoga teacher, what it's like to be an adidas Women ambassador, and more.

How did you get into your profession?
I started trapeze when I was 4 and then I did circus school until the age of 12 in Paris. It was my passion; I was dreaming of working with the Cirque du Soleil! Then I saw Dharma and Greg on TV and the principal character was a yoga teacher. That's when i decided to try it, I was 14. I straight away knew that I would become a teacher one day! I even got an "OM" tattoo for my goal.

What is a typical day like for you?
Every day is so different! I travel a lot, most of the time for yoga, but also for brands that I work for. I try to keep to my morning practice and to eat as healthy as I can (but yes, I love chocolate and sweets!).

Can you tell us more about your projects related to yoga and your book?
Of course! I’ve decided to do a lot of IGTV with yoga sequences and food recipes. With the yoga sequences, I do them 3 times a day for five minutes. I believe you can energize yourself only in a few minutes. Pranayama (breathing techniques) are a great example, they help with staying balanced, focused, and free of stress through the day!

My book is really great for beginners, I wanted people to understand and feel yoga in an easy way but still keep the yoga philosophy as a part of it. It has some food recipes that I love, breathing techniques, and higher level postures that I love as well! I wanted people to find a way to live better and feel good about themselves - happy and confident.

Yoga Deepti, which means "Yoga Light", is my new baby. I just created it with my former teacher, Stephanie Viu Kessler and Yogi Trupta. They have been giving teacher trainings for many years together. We met while I was in Bali and we decided to make it a trio.

What's it like being an ambassador for adidas?
Being an adidas Women ambassador is just crazy! The message they give is all that I want to share. Feeling confident about yourself, being true, strong, and powerful, all in this world that most of the time tries to change us.

What's your number one advice for overcoming challenges?
In order to be the person you can be, you have to find that time and do things that make you feel happy and feel great about yourself. Today, there are many ways to start. With internet you can find great courses that you can do at home. Once you start, it's hard to stop! Even practicing for 15 minutes a day is a great beginning. Then you'll want to eat better and all will come easily. Just ask yourself, "Am I staying in my comfort zone?" If yes, get out of it! That's when life begins.

What are your hidden gems in Paris?
So many great places in Paris! For food, Season is amazing, healthy and so delicious. If you want to walk, one of my favorite places is a bridge like le Pont Alexandre III. Under it you there are many restaurants and clubs. Of course it's better when it's summer time; full of people, nice music and parties. Even though I don't eat meat anymore, Schwartz's is the best restaurant ever for burgers and they also have veggie plates! Last but not least, Montorgeuil and Le Marais are my favorite districts in Paris with all of their restaurants, bars, and places to shop.

What does MISSBISH mean to you and who is your MISSBISH?
To me, MISSBISH is female empowerment and freedom. A place where you will get inspired by other women and to be happy to be part of them! My MISSBISH is clearly all women.

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