Meghan Manning | MISSBISH #NEEDS

Author: Kristen McCloud / Photos: Valine Brana
12.14 / MB Series

Professional Dancer Meghan Manning gave us a look at a few of her favorite items that she can't live without. Check out the dancing queen's #NEEDS below!

For listening to music all day and all night.

Too Faced Makeup
I love their packaging and products. Particularly good show-makeup.

I’m mostly an understated person, but if I’m in the mood to wear lashes for even the most chill hang out, I absolutely will. I think it’s my one diva quality.

Flask and Zippo
Mostly for nights out dancing.

Metro Card
Monthly, unlimited NY metro cards feel like home. I miss them when living or working in LA.

Disposable Camera
I like the idea of only having a few shots and making them intentional.

I have a rotation of books I read over and over. The Sun Also Rises, Tao of Pooh, Bible, War of Art. I usually have one or two of these with me.

Thin gold chain and ankle bracelet, because I can leave them on while I sweat, rehearse, or workout.

PA dog tag
I don’t wear this much, but never take it out of my bag. I’m from Pittsburgh.

Business Cards
But you never have one when you need one, right?

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