Michelle Obama Shared Her Workout Routine On Instagram

Author: Jana K. Hoffman
06.21 / Fitness

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is no stranger to making healthy decisions. In fact, her latest set of Instagram photos, which proved her commitment to fitness no matter the level, set the internet abuzz. Her secret to making workouts fun? Friends, of course!

Obama believes that sweating it out with friends and acquaintances not only motivates you, but encourages you to be accountable. She used to host bootcamp-style workout classes that allowed participants to take care of themselves in order to keep taking care of others.

From planks and lunges to crunches and stretches, Obama is continuing the bootcamp tradition even though she’s no longer in office. According to her Instagram post, “My girlfriends have been there for me through all kinds of life transitions over the years – including a pretty big one recently! – and we’ve done our best to stay healthy together.”

If that doesn’t make you want to hit the gym with your bestie, we don’t know what does.

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