MISSBISH Archives | Meet The Beautiful Instagram Sensation Nude Yoga Girl

Author: Dora Belle
04.21 / Fitness

There are thousands or maybe even millions of self-proclaimed Instagram yogi accounts and thus hard to choose just one to follow. The yogi we end up following is usually years into her practice, incredibly creative in her poses, and extremely profound with her level of self-awareness. Those were the attributes to pick an account until @nude_yogagirl appeared on the scene. Not only does she possess all of those characteristics, she expresses her most authentic self unapologetically naked in post after post. Never offensive or raunchy, her posts are black and white allowing her to hide her essence with shadows. She’s figured out how to express her triumphs and fears in a way all yogis can relate to. Check out her Instagram page and website nudeyogagirl.com. Read on for the interview she did with New York Magazine’s The Cut.

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