MISSBISH Archives | Watch “The Balancing Act” by Equinox featuring Briohny Smyth

Author: Dora Belle
06.15 / Fitness

Two months ago, Equinox yoga instructor Briohny Smyth captured audiences as she showed off incredible athleticism and effortlessly inverted herself into gravity-defying arm balances in The Contortionist. Today, she's taking us on a whole other journey - Acro Yoga - and she's bringing along Equinox yoga instructor and husband, Dice Iida-Klein. The session is mesmerizing and remarkable. It's intimate in ways one would only understand if they, too, had experienced that level of deep, personal connection with someone else.

"When I first started learning, my biggest takeaway was that it's really about the base — the person on the bottom — and if you're a strong base, anybody can fly with you. The key is communication with the base - and trust. I could do all of these poses on my own, but I've never been very good at trusting people, which is something that most of us women gain over time — especially when it comes to men. It was a real challenge for both of us to go from singular practices, where we had full control, and release control to one another. It was a really big thing for me because I was a single mom, and I had built my own businesses, so it has always been about having two hands on the wheel. When you're on top in Acro Yoga, it's all about letting go and trusting one hundred percent, because if you fight back, it's much harder for the base." Smyth explained. "So for both of us, it was just the balancing act-balancing not only our bodies, but also our personality issues."

For Iida-Klein, his role extends beyond the yoga mat. "[when] it comes to being flown, she has to give up control, and I have to take over, and for me it's very gratifying to be the foundation. It's kind of like I'm the rock, and I think that's how I feel with this family [Briohny and her daughter] away from Acro Yoga. I'm learning my place as being the man of the household, and I'm learning for me it's not about directing anybody. It's more or less the stronger I am, the stronger they'll be. Just by standing tall, I think everything else just falls into place."

Witness this beautiful connection as the couple perform the intimate session above.

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