Street Art, Murals and More with Emily Eldridge

Author: Sheila Deiz
01.08 / MB Series

Artist and illustrator, Emily Eldridge has marked her place in the world with her bright and vibrant art murals. Her street artwork is displayed in all different parts of the world in places like Hong Kong, Spain, and Germany. Gathering inspiration constantly through everyday life and through the influence of other artists, Emily's artwork continues to grow from art murals and museums to complimenting local parks and building complexes. We got the chance to chat with Emily and learn more about her passion, her style and how it all came to be.

Being an artist, you draw inspiration from many things. What inspires you to continue to create?
I think I'm constantly looking at art on Instagram, magazines, or online, so I think I get inspired a lot by what's currently happening in the art scene. I also get excited to make new work when seeing what my friends are creating - Otto Baum (in Berlin) and NinjaXpert (in Barcelona) are always pumping out great stuff!

Was becoming an artist something you always knew you wanted to do? Or was it a discovered passion?
Yeah, I've always been obsessed with art! I loved drawing at 3-years-old and used to watch cartoons like crazy as a kid, drawing the characters and dreaming up new episodes. I always knew it was something I was good at. By the time I was in high school, it seemed pretty obvious that I would study art, though I didn't really know how I was going to make it a career. When I studied at SCAD (in Savannah, Georgia) I sort of fell into the illustration major because I thought it was the best option for a job that would let me draw stuff! But it's taken a lot of years afterward to find my niche and find my style.

How would you describe your style?
I love using super bright colors in weird combinations, and flat, curvy shapes. I often depict strong and sassy female characters. I like to think of my work as kind of girly, but in a cool, not-Barbie-pink way.

Your murals are so dope! It must feel amazing to see your artwork in public places. What did it take to get you where you are today?
Thanks! It's definitely taken YEARS of hard work! And I still feel like I have a lot more to learn and do and improve. I started painting murals about 10 years ago, and the first one I ever did was for a little bar called Yumla in Hong Kong, where my friends and I always hung out. The owner, Dan, used to let artists paint up the facade, and even though I had hardly any wall experience at that point, he let me do it! It's been a growing passion since then. And since I moved to Barcelona a year and a half ago, I started spray painting. Graffiti is legal in certain areas of the city, so that's also totally changed the game! I never grew up in graffiti culture, and never really had friends that did it, so it's so cool to completely fall in love with something new at this point in life. It's the best thing ever; it's such a fast way to work, and I can't wait to see where it will go next.

When you’re creating, what do you hope people experience or feel when they see your work?
I like to bring a smile to people's faces, and I love using bright colors that put you in a good mood. Overall, I love leaving people with a positive and happy feeling.

I’m sure you have many favorites, which artwork did you enjoy the most making and why?
One of my all-time favorite projects is a mural I recently painted on a building facade in the middle of Causeway Bay, in Hong Kong. It's the biggest wall I've done so far, and it was the BEST feeling ever to leave a permanent mark on the city I called home for more than 11 years.  I love that it's something everyone can see and enjoy - I think it's a nice surprise to walk down the street and look up to see a huge building covered with characters.

Do you have any advice for those who are aspiring artists, that you wish you were told when you were starting?
If you want to have a career in art, it's definitely possible! There's room in this field for all kinds of styles. But, like most jobs, remember that nothing is an overnight success; sometimes things take time to develop (and sometimes your work needs time to improve!). So, work hard, be patient, and keep going.

Is there anything that we can look out for in the near future?
Right now I'm working on a fun new project with SCAD Hong Kong, which I'll announce soon. And other than that, some friends and I have a few mural collabs planned for the summer, which is always a good time.

Lastly, what does MISSBISH mean to you and who is your MISSBISH?
I love MISSBISH because to me it really exemplifies the cool, fearless female - girls I like to draw in my own work. MISSBISH girls are stylish, inspiring, and always up to something fun. My personal MISSBISH is the artist Andrea Wan - she's someone I've looked up to for a long time, and we finally met in Berlin a few months ago; not only is she cool and a fantastic artist, but she was SO FREAKING nice too!  That's the best.

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