MISSBISH Ashley Outrageous | The 5’2 Entrepreneurial Giant

Women in Hip-Hop are far few in between -- but the ones who have made their mark, carry a magic to them like no other. Ashley Outrageous has certainly made her stamp in the industry, building a strong platform where underground artists receive well-deserved recognition and collaborating with the well-known L.A-based music label, T.D.E.

Her eclectic music taste, style, and down-to-earth personality have catapulted her to becoming one of today's most respected influencers. The South Florida native's ambition and momentum are admirable to many, including me. We spoke to the 5'2 giant about her career in media and what keeps her going. Check out the interview below.

What sparked the genesis of your brand ‘Ashley Outrageous’?
It was 2008, I had just graduated high school. It was a time when I was just getting into checking out music blogs during the boom that was the online music industry. I was fascinated, to the point that I was always telling my friends to check this site out and to look up this artist. It eventually came to telling me to create a site of my own where they could go to see all that I was talking about, and I did just that! After a year in, it began to feel like second nature. I was sharing my taste in music with people from all over, not just my circle of friends in South Florida.

Many people credit you to be one of the first to shed light on the underground culture in South Florida. What are your thoughts on Florida’s progression in the last several years?
It’s progressed a whole lot since the days of The Rising, a monthly showcase highlighting local talent. But there’s still so much more potential growth. The consistency of quality annual events like Art Basel, Winter Music Conference, and now newbies Revolt Music Conference and Agenda Miami, have helped to bring awareness to the entire South Florida scene.

When I first began producing shows in South Florida, I really believed in the music that was coming out of the city. I wanted to help as much as possible, so I put local artists alongside bigger artists I liked but hadn’t headlined in South Florida yet. Collaborating with local promoters, I was finally able to bring artists with huge online followings like Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, Big Sean, and Kendrick Lamar to my hometown for the first time.

Since then, the progression of South Florida artists has been pretty solid! We’ve got my personal favorite, Carol City’s own Denzel Curry who’s developed a crazy following and is now touring the world. Pompano’s own Kodak Black taking over the internet waves. Broward County rep Robb Bank$ making moves on hip-hop moguls Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles’ label, 300 Ent. There’s also Pouya from Miami who’s created a name for himself utilizing the internet.

What motivated you to move to New York?
I was coming to New York pretty frequently working on project to project, I started to fall in love with the feeling of being in a big city environment. The endless opportunities and possibilities, combined with riding the train and hustling to the next meeting, I found that there was even more drive in me that I could employ outside of Florida. New York just felt like the next move I needed to make to expand my brand to the next level. This March will mark my two year anniversary of the big move, and I’ve added Brooklyn as my second home.

Recently, you revamped your online platform AshleyOutrageous.com, which looks great! Did your move to New York influence the re-launch in any way?
Thank you! The move certainly influenced my re-launch, being in a new city I wanted a new focus. More original content, a cleaner and more sleek look, and a new forefront of my personal brand; Lifestyle blogging. I worked on the relaunch for months with my designer and web developer directly and I’m still ecstatic about new developments coming soon.

“Stand your ground and don’t let the opinions of too many people faze you, know that it’s ok to be confident. And most importantly, never stop perfecting your craft. Keep going no matter what!”

Will you bring back “The Playlist” mixtape series for 2016?
Oh man, that’s a throwback. I would love to actually, it just takes so. much. damn. time. Working with over 20 artists on a single project is a huge challenge, but it’s the hard work like that which makes investing in my own brand so rewarding. We’ll see about a Volume.4.

Tell us about your relationship with Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment. How did it come about?
They are like family to me. Since the early days of their movement, I’ve supported them by sharing their work on my website. When I met KDot, we were actually on iChat for our first interview together. He was super cool and chill, in his element at the studio with Dr. Dre. That relationship eventually grew to bring him to Revolution Live in Downtown Fort Lauderdale for his first headlining show in South Florida. Following that successful show, TDE President Dave Free approached me to do more work with the label’s digital platforms. We’ve been homies ever since.

What's your secret to setting yourself apart from all bloggers?
Just staying true to my brand, while not keeping myself in a bubble. I’ve managed to grow from being just a music blogger, to an event producer, to fulfilling other roles and working as a creative.

Favorite restaurants in New York?
I have so many! Bushwick Living Room, amazing Banana Walnut Pancakes! I also love going to Little MO in Brooklyn for their char-sui chicken rice bowl, yum! Prince St. Pizza, because it’s been my go-to place to grab a slice since moving here. And last but not least Mikey’s Burger in the LES, a favorite amongst my crew!

Name three of your major influences and why.
Sophia Amoruso. Her story has inspired me since I first heard it. Starting from absolutely nothing — to a shop on Ebay, and now a huge success today, she built her Nasty Gal brand from the ground up. She’s still a true inspiration to me daily.

Jasmine Solano. A personal friend but has always been someone I look up to. Her work ethic is tireless, the way she self-manages her movement is second to none, she defines “Girl Boss”. WORD TO SOPHIA.

My parentals aka Mom and Dad. They taught me what it meant to be your own boss by starting their own company when I was just a baby. That rock solid foundation is why I pursued being the CEO of my own brand. I owe them a lot, love them even more!

What are some of your beauty must-haves at the moment?
Anastasia brow powder mixed with Glossier’s Boy Brow, L’oreal's Miss Manga Mascara, Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix, face moisturizer, and ChapStick because it’s really really cold.

What advice can you give aspiring women trying to break into the media industry?
My motto is “Stay true to your brand,” so I would say just that. Stand your ground and don’t let the opinions of too many people faze you, know that it’s ok to be confident. And most importantly, never stop perfecting your craft. Keep going no matter what!

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH is afraid of no one and nothing. She gives her all even in the hardest of times. She’s outrageously bold and loves to dance! Safe to say, she’s a lot like me!

Photos by: Ellington Hammond | Styled by: Sasha de Oliveira | Makeup by: Pennina for MAC Cosmetics

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