Read Between the Lines with Shantell Martin

Author: Angela Fernandez / Photos: Valine Brana
12.28 / MB Series

Our newest MISSBISH Shantell Martin is a British artist who creates stories with her unique linear style. This year, Shantell launched her debut collection with PUMA; the collection features select PUMA classic styles embellished with the artist's strong visuals. Learn more about the talented Shantell Martin below...

Tell us about how you became an artist
This is something that I get asked a lot and I’m not too sure how to answer. I didn’t know being an artist was even a thing growing up, I didn’t grow up in an environment that celebrated art or where art was taught or encouraged. And even after finishing university at one of the world's leading art schools, I still ran away to Japan to get away from the pressure of what “being an artist” meant or implies.

You have a unique yet intricate style, creating stories by using lines in black ink over a white background. How did you develop this one of a kind style?
Years and years of practice. Time. Commitment to truly expressing myself in a way that would be recognizably me.

You have many projects; from painting sidewalks in downtown Denver to creating a live art installation in NYC for the 13th Annual Keep a Child Alive Black Ball. If you could pick your favorite, which would it be and why?
No favorites yet.

What motivates you?
That one day I may figure this all out.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH means being completely yourself. Whether you’re a woman, a man, or you’re a person who identifies as gender non-conforming. It means you own every part of who you are and share yourself with the world with equal parts strength and vulnerability.

Who is your MISSBISH?
I feel like right now, especially, there are so many people who represent this, but I recently met Mexican soccer player Wera Kuri (@WeraKuri) who’s like a modern-day Billy Jean King standing up for equal pay and equality across the board for female football (soccer) players in Mexico -  which is so badass and inspiring.

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