MISSBISH Flex Zone | Nike Master Trainer & Director of CrossTown Fitness Chicago | Betina Gozo

Instagram: @betinagozo

Location: Chicago

You left your band of many years, Your Villain My Hero, to become a full-time fitness professional; what made you make the switch?
My band played a lot of gigs on the weekends at bars that were open until 2 AM, maybe even as late as 3 AM! It was tough on my body to train people at 5 AM during the week and then stay awake until 3 AM on the weekend.

You’re currently the fitness director at CrossTown fitness in Chicago, how did this come about?
After quitting my band and focusing on training, CrossTown Fitness because my home. I put so much passion into the company, training, and organizing classes that the owner brought me on as Fitness Director to help the company grow.

What does being a Nike Master Trainer mean to you?
Being a Master Trainer is all about staying true to your own training philosophies while inspiring others across the globe to stay active and believe in themselves so that they can achieve their goals.

You're known for being very inspiring and motivating, how do you keep your classes interesting and fun?
I try to change simple movements and turn them into challenges – whether it be taking push-ups into a Tabata and trying to get the same number each round or pushing my class into trying to get as many squat jumps and burpees they can in 1 minute. Exercising is so mental. When you give people something to work for, they work harder. I try to keep things fun by pushing everyone with a little smile.

What do you hope to achieve in your fitness instructor journey?
Becoming a Nike Master Trainer was something I would never have imagined happening, so I am grateful for that opportunity to have that as part of my fitness journey. My biggest aspiration on this road is to be able to inspire people across the globe on a daily basis, and not just virtually but being able to travel the world to meet and work alongside different people.

"Be passionate about what you do, no matter what your strengths are. It’s so important."

What would be your favorite workout? (If you could pick just one)
Oh boy, if I could do a workout that just consists of box jumps and pull ups and stay in shape, that would be ideal!

You played in the band, Your Villain My Hero, for some time, what’s the best memory you have from that time?
We played Milwaukee’s SummerFest every single year on a stage with some big acts. It was an unbelievable crowd every single year, and that thrill of walking out on stage with a huge crowd cheering is something I will never forget!

In society kids are encouraged to pick one profession, however, you have made a living out of an array of your creative interests; is it important to you to follow your creative dreams?
In life, you are number one, and you have to make yourself happy. With that, you have to be happy with yourself and the things that you do. So my creative outlets are what make me most happy and what make me thrive.

What do you see for yourself in the future?
I’d like to see my gym, CrossTown Fitness, make its way across the United States and help grow it! I also see myself traveling the world with Nike!

How do you maintain a balanced life doing so many things?
Google Calendar! I schedule times in the day just to walk my dog, work out, work on my computer, not just training clients and teaching classes. I prioritize things and always schedule them into my life if I need to, but it’s also very important to me to have full days off and go on vacation to refocus. I also like to spend a lot of time outside and playing music, which really helps me keep my sanity!

What advice would you give to someone aiming to be a fitness professional?
Be passionate about what you do, no matter what your strengths are. It’s so important.

What are three hidden gems in Chicago?
1) Though it’s not hidden: Little Goat – they have this dessert called Coco Pina Parcha! If you’re a tropical dessert lover, this is something you MUST try.

2) Sweet Mandy Bs also has the most amazing cupcake you’ll ever have, and it’s so simple – vanilla with buttercream. If you haven't noticed, I have a sweet tooth!

3) Music Garage is a tucked away rehearsal space where local musicians go to rehearse, but a lot of famous musical acts come there before they have big shows to do a quick rehearsal!

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH to me means embracing the power of being a woman and being an inspiration to other women.

Photos by: Chuck Olu-Alabi