MISSBISH Flex Zone | MC Barao on Giving Back and Never Giving Up

Author: Maria Mora
10.06 / MISSBISH Flex Zone

The journey to success isn't always an easy one. In fact, it can be heart-wrenching. One often gets discouraged and lost, but it takes true belief in oneself to continue to push further. Texas raised go-getter MC Barao ditched her 9 to 5 after realizing how fulfilling it was to put her health first - and it only got better from there. Putting herself first has taken her career to great heights, leading her to become a fitness model for one of the biggest modeling agencies, Wilhelmina Fitness, and ultimately, assisted in opening the first set of indoor cycling studios in her homeland, the Philippines. We had the pleasure of chatting with the down-to-earth Brooklyn resident about her endeavors and her inspiring journey. Check out the full interview below.

Describe to us your typical day.
Here in NY: I wake up to my lil dude, Tyson and we go for a nice walk around the neighborhood, grab coffee, say hi to the neighbors, then follow up on emails & FaceTime calls then blast the sonos and do the 'power start' workout on the Nike NTC app when the coffee kicks in ~ rest of the day is all about collaborating with leaders of sportswear, being creative with comfy fitness looks utilizing personal style. When I'm in Philippines, I constantly on the search for fitness instructors for Electric Studio - the first indoor cycling studio in the country. I find ways to be more creative and evolve the quality of our workout experience.

Tell us about Now Watch Me Work (NWMW). What was the inspiration behind it?
Inspired from the track 'Flex' by Party Boyz (shoutout Texas!). Music always elevates the workouts for me. When I was getting heavy into working out and needed the motivation, tracks like this did the job.

Do you have a goal set in mind for NWMW?
Yes! NWMW was all about making big promises to myself and putting it out by means of my site or social media. Just the thought that I shared it online, made me feel like I had to follow through with my word. It began with posting wishful words on becoming a fitness model. Doing all I can, when I can, to make it happen. Then when it materialized, it felt like magic. Big dreams/projects that I wanted to be a part of started to come to fruition. To me, this is the power of the 'follow through,' which is the whole vibe of NWMW. Now, I'm focusing more on sportswear. I want to share my way of elevating each look by mixing men's street style and luxury brands. My background as a fitness director, sportswear model, and the need to be comfortable all day will absolutely be felt in each of the looks I share.

Congratulations on becoming the Director at Electric Studio in the Philippines! How important was it for you to give back to your country?
Thank you so much! It became more and more important the bigger the project got. I was able to witness the impact of how consistent fun workouts can change families, communities, and businesses. Ever since we opened our first studio, more boutique fitness studios started to pop up, healthy meal options started to become more accessible, and the mindset of positive lifestyle change (vs. quick fixes) is now prevalent.

What is your main goal at Electric Studio?
My focus is to grow their Instructor pool and constantly elevate their rides. They are world-class fitness professionals not just because of the quality of their fitness classes, but also because of their character and sincerity of wanting you to enjoy fitness.

In all of your collaborations with notable athleisure brands, can you tell us about your favorite moment?
The very first is my most memorable and favorite collab so far. I remember the moment I got the email saying 'We love what you're doing and all your content. Please send us your sizes.' Emails like these from brands you respect are the best.

“Workout with someone fitter than yourself or lives the active lifestyle you feel is your goal. Doing this helps will help you stay on track and achieve the goals you set.”

What are some of your favorite workouts currently?
Power Start on NTC, Indoor Cycling (at Soul, Electric Studio, or IMAXShift). Workouts that let me play my own music, or have a reputation of a great fitness experience, is always a good idea.

Fitness is such a crucial part of your life. What advice do you have for those who are looking into living an active, healthy life?
Work out with someone fitter than yourself or lives the active lifestyle you feel is your goal. Doing this will help you stay on track and achieve the goals you set. They already have a proven track record of knowing what they're doing, and can help you get to your goal faster than if you were to workout with someone else.

Who inspires you the most?
This changes often. I believe that's why it was so hard to answer this question. With my goals in sportswear, I look up to individuals that inspire an effortless style that feels profound and very true to themselves. Aaliyah is my go-to.

How do you maintain a balanced lifestyle?
My life is filled with loving, supportive, and incredibly creative people. Being surrounded by people that constantly strive for the best and celebrate life daily gives me the energy to act on what I need to do to progress. I feel most balanced when I'm making moves.

Are there any plans in the works that you’re excited about?
Besides Electric Studio #3 for Q1 in '17, I'm excited to finally be more involved in creative sportswear content.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working out?
Naps with Ty.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
If you're reading this and/or selected to be on MISSBISH, it means you get it. You understand yourself enough to know that your individuality is your specialty and you have a way of sharing what makes you special.

Photos by: Patrick Leung

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