MISSBISH #NEEDS | Angie Dita, Fashionista and Vans Footwear Designer

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Fashionista and Vans designer Angie Dita has been creating our favorite sneaker classics for years. Being an effortlessly cool boss BISH, we were wondering what kind of essentials she carries around day to day. Turns out, Angie is a huge fan of all things sentimental, with most of her everyday items being treasures she's found while traveling and gifts from loved ones. Check them out below!

Angie Dita's #NEEDS:
Panthere de Cartier Ring
This was a gift from my fiancé to celebrate our anniversary a few years ago.

Murakami Louis Vuitton Handbag
I've been a fan of Murakami since my college years. This was my first purchase of his work.

Custom Checkerboard Cat Sk8-Hi
One of my favorite customs that I've designed is the pair pictured above. I made these at the Vans factory in China 3 years ago.  I took a vintage material and mix-matched it with our iconic checkerboard print.

Vintage Accessories
These are items I would get while traveling as a souvenir.

Kiroic iPhone Case
Kiroic is a designer that we worked with for our Vans collaborations in Asia. I really liked how he designed this case so I was able to get it while in Asia.

Stay up to date with Angie’s daily life on her Instagram and get to know her here.

Photo by: Carmen Chan

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