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Lauren Schwab, co-founder of "it" lingerie empire brand Negative Underwear, is always on the go. Today, she shares with us her daily beauty secrets, and what she keeps in her bag to stay organized everyday. Find out what this #girlboss needs in her daily life below.

Lauren Schwab's #NEEDS:
Holographic Foil Zip Pouch

Bags within bags keep me somewhat organized. I use this gorgeous pouch to keep all my beauty-related goodies together. My co-founder, Marissa, gave it to me for my birthday. I love seeing it sparkle in my bag because it reminds me of her.

Running a small business can be stressful. This aroma oil has the most beautiful scent. I love the ritual of taking a moment during the day, putting it on my wrists and neck, and taking a few deep breaths. The ritual has an amazing way of allowing me to take a step back and put things into perspective.

I'm a total skincare junkie. I love learning about and collecting new products. My old favorites are Tracie Martyn Firming Serum and Skinceuticals CE Ferulic serum for fine lines and Rodin Skin Oil for hydration. This year, I went to Japan for part of my honeymoon and went on a total binge. Two of my favorite new products are Lunlunlun Face Masks and Kose Sekkesai Emulsion for brightening.

iPhone 6+ and Ro & Co Case

My iPhone 6+ is my lifeblood. I couldn't survive without it. It allows me to run Negative on the go. The large screen enables me to do (almost) everything I can do on my laptop. It's been a life changer. I love this Ro & Co case.

We designed these Negative beanies for a mobile airstream popup shop we did last Valentine's Day. It was the coldest weekend of the year with temperatures reaching well below zero. The beanies kept us warm, but also are a great keepsake from such a crazy and memorable weekend. They were such a hit with our customers, we're now selling them on our site.

The lovely ladies of Cap Beauty recommended Sun Potion's Green Adaptogen for promoting energy levels and strengthening the immune system. It's a combination of Suma, Maca and Chlorella. I put 1/2 a teaspoon in a large glass of water every morning.

Custom Bite Beauty Lip Lab Color

Bite Beauty Lip Lab lipsticks are my absolute favorite for their texture, color and hydration. At their Soho Lip Lab, I customized my own lipstick from finish to flavor to color to tip shape.

I have a tendency to get a bit oily throughout the day. I love these Rice Paper Blotters for a quick matte-ify fix.

When I saw these sunnies a few years ago, I had to have them. Today, they are still my go-to shades. I love the dramatic cat eye.

NBA Key Chain

My husband gave me this key chain early in our relationship. He lives in Toronto and travels a lot, while I live in NYC. Given that we spend a lot of time apart, I like to carry things with me that remind me of him.

Herkimer Diamond, Onyx and Lepidolite Gemstones

Friends have given me these crystals over the years for various reasons. The Herkimer Diamond was given to me by a dear friend to help me cope with the stress of transitioning from my finance career to Negative. The Onyx defends against negativity and promotes self-confidence. The Leidolite is a stone of calming, trust and acceptance. I carry them with me as reminders of characteristics I want to the stones to evoke.

Mociun Rings

I got married this year and couldn't choose just one wedding band, so I picked a few of Mociun's super thin gemstone rings to go with the cluster engagement ring my husband designed.

Of course, I had to include something Negative. I absolutely love this bra. We feel like it really embodies the ethos behind Negative. It's super comfortable, super functional, but also looks unlike anything we've seen before. The perforated stretch lace looks a bit like a distressed eyelet, giving a bit of an edge.

Nike AF 1 Perforated High Tops

My husband is a sneaker fiend. He keeps me on my game by always looking out for me. These are my latest obsession because they kind of remind me of our Essaouira collection.

Stay up to date with Lauren’s daily life on her Instagram and get to know her here.

Photo by: Carmen Chan

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