MISSBISH #NEEDS | Dawoon Kang, Co-Founder of Coffee Meets Bagel

Dawoon Kang's is the Founder of wildly successful dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, which made its big debut on ABC's Shark Tank. Of course, jet-setting and helping countless people around the world find love is a tough gig. Read our interview with Dawoon below and find out what she #NEEDS when she's on the go!

Dawoon Kangs's #NEEDS: 
Brown Bear
It's a cute beanie bear that turns into a neck cushion for plane rides. So comfy. His name is Tuk Tuk.

Little Doggie
This is my lucky charm from my perfect Bagel boyfriend. I carry it with me when I travel without him.

Tieks Foldable Ballet Flats
When I travel I end up walking around a lot, so a stylish pair of comfortable flats is a must! I love the colorful foldable flats from Tieks. They fold and fit perfectly into my purse and are super comfortable and fun. I own three pairs!

Bose Noise Cancelling Earphones
A must for a plane ride to listen to music, watch movies and get some sleep. It’s amazing how much noise they block out!

Apple iPhone
I am always working on the go using my phone.

Any spare time I have, I devote to traveling and exploring new places, so my passport is an essential.

Apple Macbook Pro
My laptop lets me turn anywhere into my office! By the way, the pink sticker with coffee and bagel says Coffee Met Bagel – it’s a sticker we give out to all CMB couples.

I rely on my kindle to entertain me anywhere I go, especially on the plane. It’s like carrying around 100 books in one. Plus, Kindle’s paper-white background doesn’t hurt my eyes like other electronics do.

Mini charger
I always carry this little battery pack in case I end up in a place where there are no chargers available and I still need to work on my laptop or my phone.

Eye blind from G.O.D
I can’t sleep even with a slight ray of light, so an eye blind is a must for me. I love the ones from G.O.D because they are big, soft, and fun. Eye blinds are especially handy on the plane when the lights are bright and you need to catch up on your sleep.

Stay up to date with Dawoon’s daily life on her Instagram.

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