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Author: Daisy Pyo

Los Angeles-based fitness enthusiast Diana Mireles has been on the run ever since she made the decision to change her lifestyle. In 2015, she began sharing her fitness journey, inspiring and connecting with those who are striving to reach similar goals. Check out Diana's #NEEDS for when she's on the go.

Diana Mireles’ #NEEDS: 
Nike Dri-Fit Epic Lux Crop Leggings
I always look for a pair of leggings that feel good on the skin and these do just that. I also like the back zipper pocket because I can put my phone there while running.

Nike Dri-Fit Racerback Tank
With the summer-like weather year round in Los Angeles, I often opt our for tanks rather than Tees. This just happens to be my favorite, not just because of what it says, but because it's also reflective.

Nike Pro Hyper Classic Padded Sports Bra
Fits right, colors are perfect, does the job.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 33
Because who doesn't need a good pair of supportive running shoes?! What I love most about these is the reflective back so I'm always seen when I run at night.

Core Water
Staying hydrated is key everyday.

Knee Compression Sleeve
I've always had a funky knee ever since playing Softball in high school, so now I really depend on my knee compression sleeve to help support me throughout my runs.

Nike Compression Socks
Just like the knee compression sleeve, the socks help keep my calves supported.

Beats by Dre Powerbeats2
Listening to tunes while running helps keep my mind distracted. It makes it a lot easier for me to run longer distances without focusing on other things (breathing/pain) that will eventually lead me to getting tired and stopping.

Garmin Forerunner 225 Watch
Tracks all the miles I've ran.

Apple iPhone 6
I have all my music on my phone, so I always carry it with me. I am also always on social media, so I like to take videos while running and sharing those videos on Instagram or Snapchat in real time. I also sync my Garmin watch to my Nike+ app so it's easier for me to see my progress.

Nike Tote Bag
I usually go to my workouts/runs straight after work, so I need a bag to carry my workout clothes in.

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