MISSBISH #NEEDS | Elena Doukas of Garrett Leight

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Head product designer of Garrett Leight and world traveler Elena Doukas is always on the go, so organization is a top priority for her. You'll find that her everyday bag is not only full of beauty essentials, but tons of cute stationary to keep her in the right headspace as well. The extra care that goes into Japanese pens and paper make Tokyu Hands department store a go-to destination for her when she needs to stock up. Peek at some of her favorite finds along with the rest of her #NEEDS below!

Elena Doukas' #NEEDS:
Tsumabe Notebook
Pilot Pen
Color Shaper
Copic Markers
Penco Drafting Pencil
Micron Pen
Ascended Health Oralive- I swear by this...
Monoi Coconut oil
Lucas' Papaw Ointment
German Mm Ruler
Le Labo Santal 33
Mini Glass Nail File

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Photo by: Bethany Toews