MISSBISH #NEEDS | Founder of BIKYNI, Jude Al-Khalil

As the founder and CEO of BIKYNI, Jude Al-Khalil is constantly grinding to make sure that she's getting top quality swimwear out to her consumers. The Los Angeles-based company is rooted in laid-back SoCal culture, and so are Jude's daily essentials. From vintage accessories to LA-made fragrance, Jude's bag screams California Girl. Check out her #NEEDS below!

Jude Al-Khalil's #NEEDS: 
BIKYNI Long Line Top
My go-to BIKYNI top and also my favorite bra.

This keeps everything in my bag organized.

LAI Card Holder
I don’t always carry a purse and this is perfect for my back pocket.

$2 Bill
For good luck.

Ban.do Mobile Charger
I get gifted these left and right because my iPhone is always dying. This one’s my favorite because it’s colorful and compact.

Maison Louis Marie No.09 Perfume
My go-to scent if I wear perfume. It’s warm, citrusy, and made in LA.

Crummles Enamel Box
I got this as a favor at a baby shower and I use it as a pill box. The cover of this one has a scene of two teddy bears, a boy and a girl, holding a balloon and a kite.

Smarty Pants Vitamins
I’m not good at taking vitamins, but these make it easy.

Eir Coffee Lip Balm
I just discovered this brand and this is one of their newest products: coffee-infused lip balm. It smells great and works even better.

Vintage Rose Gold Necklace
A special person gave this to me and it’s the one piece of jewelry that I wear every day.

Ciel Body Lotion
Who doesn’t like the sweet scent of coconut, cocoa butter, and roasted vanilla bean?

EO Peppermint Hand Sanitizer
No bad stuff and it smells like peppermint.

Vintage Sunglasses
I found these at a vintage furniture store in Palm Springs.

Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea
I end almost every day with this tea. It has a light rose scent and a bit of a sweet taste.

Gold Bangle
This was one of my mom’s first pieces of jewelry.

Stay up to date with Jude’s daily life on her Instagram and get to know her here.

Photographer: Christina Choi

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