MISSBISH #NEEDS | Jennifer Wang of Ming Yu Wang

As founder of Ming Yu Wang jewelry, Jennifer Wang has created a collection of minimalist and geometric pieces that have become go-to accessories for many of our favorite celebs. We caught up with Jennifer to see what items she can't go without as she spends her day coming up with new designs. Her faves include a few classic beauty essentials, along with some sentimental goodies as well. Check out Jennifer's #NEEDS below!

Jennifer Wang's #NEEDS:
Cartier Tank Solo Watch
Given as a gift by my parents. They live overseas and I miss them very much. I like that the watch reminds me of them when I wear it.

MING YU WANG Collider Gold Necklace & Vector Gold / Onyx Ring
These pieces are from my earlier collections. They are absolutely my personal favorite of all time. I see them as a modern, minimalistic take on statement jewelry.

Ring Size Measure & Digital Gem Gauge
They are the essential pieces I use when it comes to designing jewelry.

Aesop Hand Cream
So nourishing and smells so good!

Reassembly Lupa Scented Oil
This organic natural scented oil is so addictively good. Handmade with love by my dear friend Josee.

F. Miller Lip Balm
This natural lip balm is hand made by my dear friend Fran. I love to support all my talented and creative friends.

Celine Tote
Celine is my all time favorite brand, and this bag fits everything I need while running errands in New York City.

My Dog Bob
He is my furry baby, about to turn 13 this summer.

Stay up to date with Jennifer’s daily life on her Instagram and get to know her here.

Photographer: Carmen Chan

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