French-Canadian dancer Kim Gingras is an LA girl who is always on the go. Not only has she been on tour with several of your favorite celebrities (Yes, even Beyoncé), she has a company of her own and always needs to be prepared for what's next. Take a look at Gingras' #NEEDS and learn what she can't live without.

Kim Gingras' #NEEDS:
Spellbound Sky Crystals + Pouch
I was introduced to crystals a few years ago and I now carry them with me everywhere I go. They have this beautiful energy about them and they carry specific attributes and properties depending on the kind. What I’ll do is take a moment in the morning to ground myself, sit in silence, maybe even meditate for a few minutes. It’s my way of starting the day off right and feeling fully connected. From there, depending on how I am feeling, what I have to do or what I feel I may be lacking, I’ll grab specific crystals to bring me some good vibes!

Èccolo Journal + Pen
I love making lists and I love writing down any idea/goal that comes to mind. It’s always so useful for me to have any sort of notebook and pen near by. This particular journal is dear to my heart because a friend of mine gave it to me to write down my VICTORIES. She wanted to remind me that I can accomplish anything I put my heart and soul into.

LE LABO Perfume
Who loves a great smell? I do! I recently fell in love with this brand. Their perfumes and candles are to die for. It always comes in handy to have a bottle of perfume with me because my day can often consist of going from a rehearsal to working out, and then to a meeting without having the chance to go back home (laughs).

M.A.C Lipstick
In the dance world, auditions are always last minute. I have found it very helpful to carry a few fun colorful lipsticks with me in case I do have to rush to an audition. Having a good lip on makes me feel like my full face is done up and I am camera ready, or almost.

Sensaphonics In-ears Headphones
I don’t think I can go back to regular headphones after these. In-ears are shaped to the inside of your ears and provide the best sound. Not only are they a necessity when I am performing in a massive space like a Stadium but I also use them to create. I also use them to get in the zone when I am working in a coffee shop, and I use them on the plane too. Sensaphonics sent these to me when I was touring with Beyoncé.

Apple iPhone 6
Guilty of it: it is hard to go a few hours without my phone. My work and business require me to check my phone frequently.

Dyptique Baies Candle
With the amount of traveling I do, I have developed a little trick to make each hotel room feel a bit more at home. I bring the same scents everywhere I go. It is also very pleasant to light a candle in the dressing room I will be in before a show.

Reebok Sneakers
I live a very active life and I am grateful for it. If I am not dancing, I may be in the gym working out, boxing with my trainer or hiking with friends. Having sneakers near by is a must.

Canadian Passport
My key to so many different countries, including the States! I am from Canada and currently on a Green Card, so this little bad boy of a book is pretty important to me.

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