MISSBISH #NEEDS | Co-Founder of Negative Underwear Marissa Vosper

Author: Udit

What does a woman building a bomb a*s lingerie empire #NEED? Marissa Vosper, co-founder of "it" brand Negative Underwear, is always ready for anything. Her essentials reveal a healthy lifestyle coupled with a conscious effort to look your best. Check out Marissa's daily fixes below.

Marissa Vosper's #NEEDS: 
Apple earbuds, iPhone 6+ and Headspace Daily Meditation App
I grew up with Buddhist parents but only recently got into meditation as a daily practice - the Headspace app is a simple way to ease into the routine. I can't say I always manage to make the time, but even 10 minutes a day makes a difference.

Aloha Daily Greens Powder
I'm a big health food junkie - smoothies are my go-to breakfast to start my day on the right foot. I love the convenience of greens powder packets so I can have at least some alkaline nutrition no matter where I am / how busy things get.

LOV Organic Almond Rooibos Tea
My husband and I have a nightly tradition of making tea before bed - this specific tea is from ABC Carpet & Home where we got married - we gave out boxes as wedding gifts.

Om necklace charm (bought outside of a stupa in Nepal!) + gold chain from my Mother's jewelry archives
I wear this necklace every day - it might sound silly, but I've come to think of it as my protection necklace - like a little blessing keeping me safe when it's on.

Untitled by Maison Martin Margiela
I'm always on the hunt for a great scent that you can't quite identify - I like things that are slightly androgynous. I discovered this unisex Margiela scent a few years back and have been hooked ever since - it's one of the few brands I've ever repurchased!

Nike iD Custom Flyknits
My morning routine (when it allows) is some form of fitness - from SLT to yoga to barre class - I always feel like the best version of me when I'm able to be active more days than not. I'm picky about my gym wear, so I love the ability to customize with Nike iD.

Pink beaded tassel friendship bracelet
This was actually a gift from Lauren (my co-founder) from her bachelorette party in Tulum. It conjures up all those amazing one-of-a-kind girl's weekend memories. Every time I put it on, it makes me smile.

Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum
The lovely ladies at CAP Beauty swear by this stuff - and another friend of mine told me it changed her skin. It's expensive, but if there's something worth spending money on, it's high quality, organic cold-pressed oils for your face. Definitely not an area to skimp on!

Glossier Coconut Balm Dot ComOnomie Bright Concealing ElixirEpicuren Anti-Aging SPF 15 Lip BalmKjaer Weis Cream Blush in Above & BeyondRMS Buriti Bronzer
I'm a no-makeup makeup girl (at least most days of the week) - I'm also focused on finding products that are made without dangerous chemicals. I like the slightly bronzed / flushed look with a dewy lip.

Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield
I grew up in pin-dry Colorado where basically every day was a good hair day. Now living on the east coast for the past many years, I've had to learn how to work with better products to fight off the frizz. Living Proof is one of the few companies actually introducing new science into a category that's mainly fluff (pun intended!)

Dior Sunnies
I don't typically invest much in my eyewear since it's so prone to breaking / getting lost but I just fell in love with these and couldn't help myself. I bought them in the spring and wore them almost every day this summer. I love the mix of white and gold and the nontraditional shape.

Negative Underwear White Boa Brief
Because, duh! Negative is part of my daily uniform at this point. I never used to wear brief cut underwear because I was terrified of VPL, but have become obsessed now that we made something that's so comfortable and actually works under jeans (no lines!) I'm also an all-white-everything kind of girl and these White Boa Briefs work perfectly under my (too many pairs to count) collection of white denim.

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Photo by: Carmen Chan