Our favorite cool-girl singer with an old soul, Raphaelle, gave us a look at a few of her favorite items that she can't live without. While she isn't big on carrying around a hefty bag full of clutter, she does have a select few essentials to make sure that she can capture memories, both visually and musically, no matter where she's at. Check out Raphaelle's #NEEDS below!

Raphaelle's #NEEDS:
Korg microKEY25 Keyboard
This way I can always make music/write songs no matter where I am. Which is key to my sanity.

YSL Mini-Bag
I generally don’t like to carry things around like purses or bags because I feel constricted. If I do wear a bag, it is small and practical. I swear I wear this one a little too much.

I wear sunglasses every day. I love the sun, just not in my eyes. I’m always either wearing my Ray Bans or my Illesteva shades.

Subliminal by Leonard Mlodinow.
I have to learn something new every day and that’s why I enjoy reading books. Especially about the mind and all of its beautiful and twisted quirks. This is one of my favorites.

Canson Black Lined Journal
I can only use these when I write new songs or poems. I believe there’s something real and raw about writing lyrics down on paper instead of typing them. I also find that I dissect my thoughts clearer and more honest this way.

iPhone 6s
It's something that I use every day. Most importantly, it’s how I’m able to stay connected with my fans -- and it's how I occasionally send the most hilarious and yet somehow relatable memes to my best friends. I live for those.

Olympus Digital Camera
I love to capture moments everywhere I go. I got this camera because I can download the images straight to my phone with the app, Olympus Image Share. Very practical for impatient people, which I guess I can be sometimes.

Sony MDR7506 Professional Studio Headphones
These are by far my favorite headphones to record/make music with. If I don’t have the right headphones it can change the way I hear the music. I’m not a picky person, but when it comes to sound quality, I get meticulous.

Smith’s Rosebud Balm
I have a strange addiction to it. It’s always on me and I feel naked without it.

Apple Laptop
My laptop is vital to me, it’s an amazing machine. It allows me to bring the ideas that I envision to life in every form... music, photos, videos, etc.

Stay up to date with Raphaelle’s daily life on her Instagram and get to know her here.

Photo by: Carmen Chan

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