MISSBISH #NEEDS | Tisha Cherry

Author: Udit

What does the coolest food artist in the world #NEED? Tisha Cherry, founder of Art in the Eats, sees pop culture references in all things edible, from Wu-Tang symbols in waffle cookies to Supreme box logos in pizza. Find out what's on her essentials list.

Tisha Cherry's #NEEDS:
Chanel Espadrilles

My go-to and go-with shoe. The natural elements of the jute rope with the flexible rubber sole and the canvas makes it perfect for all day wear to go everywhere and anywhere. Also, they are super casual and chic and they can go with anything I am wearing.

Apple iPhone 5s with Moschino Case
I take all of my pictures with my iPhone. I love that Moschino put a cheerful, delicious spin on an everyday accessory.

Food Art Tools
My toolkit includes a variety of  carving knives and paint brushes for whatever medium I play with. I have a few toothpicks stored in my arsenal as well.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet (La Fascinante) Lipstick
I keep my makeup pretty simple. I use mostly Chanel. I love a gorgeous classic matte red lipstick.

Vintage Chanel PVC/Patent Jumbo Flap Bag
My favorite vintage Chanel bag -- it's ginormous, clear and fits everything without making me look like a giant bag lady.

O'Keefe's Working Hands
As an occupational therapist by career, playing with food by hobby, and the occasional hand model for my artwork. I am always washing my hands which leave them extremely dry and cracked. This is the only hand cream that absorbs quickly without a greasy feeling and leaves my hands moisturized and soft for hours.

Chanel Les Exclusifs De Chanel, Gardénia Perfume
I would describe it as happy, carefree and undemanding. I wear this year round due to it's light carefree floral scent and gives me that sophisticated Chanel feeling sans the gravitas of an "old lady" perfume.

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Photo by: Carmen Chan