MISSBISH Photography Workshop | Tyler Deauvea

Instagram: @tylerdeauvea

Location: Houston

Style: Colorful, yet dark.

Equipment: I use a Panasonic Lumix GH4 with a Voigtlander Nokton 17.5mm F/0.95 Manual Focus Lens and a Nikon Nikkor Lens for Nikon F ‑ 35mm ‑ F/1.8. Specs are there for the tech nerds. I’m not that technical when it comes to equipment. Of course, technology helps but I’m not a student of the latest parts.

How did you get into photography? Tell us about your first experience and when you knew you wanted to continue capturing moments. 
In 8th grade, my English class offered a class trip to Europe. It was a tour from Austria to Italy in a span of a few weeks. My mother is a teacher and went to school at PV (Praire View A&M) for her Masters. She worked a lot to fund the $2000 needed for the trip. She sent me away with a bunch of disposable cameras and I started to work with cameras from there; film, video, and photography. Because of my aunt Kim, I was always into art in some type of way, but when I was 20 I realized that doing photography could get me into the places I wanted to be for free. Meeting people and gaining relationships kinda gave me a face card. I thought that was cool so I stuck with it. Plus, not having to work a “real” job was great; it’s a tougher route, but I wouldn’t do anything other than art.

Tell us the story behind one of the most memorable photos you took.
The Super Bowl came through last year and I got a gig to shoot at the Rolling Stone party, but it was for the company who constructed the stage design, not the magazine itself. Being myself, people assumed I shot for the magazine and I had a chance to shoot Nas, Big Sean, and DJ Cassidy all in one night (I left before Diplo performed), but I wasn’t using my camera. The guy who hired me wanted me to use his camera, so I did, contrary to my personal beliefs. I ended up giving him the cards because I had photos and video of the set design. I asked him for the pics but dude never hit me back. Kinda sucks, but it makes for a great story, haha.

"Find your voice. Practice. Don’t compare yourself or your journey to others."

What is a constant source of inspiration for you as a photographer?
Anime and video games are a constant source of everything for me. Shows/movies like Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Angel’s Egg, Naruto/Shippuden, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are very dramatic and moody. A lot of the time, the main characters in those shows are shown deep in thought or in some kind of struggle that they hide from most people (except Shinji, haha). The cinematography is simple, yet poignant. The message and emotional depth come across very easily and I respect that. The more powerful moment comes from when there isn’t any dialogue from the character him/herself, but from the thoughts that run through their mind. I relate that to my personal feelings and portray that through different people. I like to create scenes and build a character of the moment.

Photography is all about capturing that special moment. What’s the secret?
For me, it’s about catching that unconscious moment in between poses. That’s where the money is for me. That’s when the person isn’t a model anymore, but an actual person. Whatever feeling they have at the moment; maybe they’re thinking about something else right then and there, and CLICK! I catch it. That’s my secret. It may look different to different people so it isn’t really a secret, I guess. All I did was describe what “perspective” feels like.

Who has been a great influence or mentor to you and what did you learn from them that you still carry with you today?
My artistic inspiration comes from anything. Everyone says that because it’s true. After taking a personal L during my time in Portland, a photographer by the name of Emile C. Browne taught me a lot about professionalism and what being held accountable really means. Those small things that I didn’t think were important when dealing with people play a big role in success. I also learned that I don’t even have to compromise my own being/expression to do good business. Just DO good business. Whatever you expect from people when you’re buying something, do that and a little more when people are acquiring your services. Just keep away from people who try to take advantage of you. You reserve the right to nip that in the bud before it starts. Protect yourself but don’t be paranoid. Balance.

Tell us three photography tips.
1. Find your voice.
2. Practice.
3. Don’t compare yourself or your journey to others.

Finish the sentence...
If I weren’t afraid I would... not jump when bees come around.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if... I hadn’t taken all of those losses.

I’ve been listening to... Toro y Moi, Brandon Vayne, Iman Omari, Mndsgn, Jon Bap, Steve Lacy, Matt Martian, and Frank Ocean. Oh, Knxledge too.

Kids these days... are the first characters of the Eternal Sphere (Star Ocean reference).

I look and feel my best when... I have a haircut.

When no one is looking I... do what I do. What do you care, you’re not even looking!

Travelling... is something that I’ve been doing more. But I need to do it EVEN MORE.

I respect... every artist who came from nothing and made something of themselves; every artist who found their road later in life and didn’t get a chance to go to school for it. I feel you.

Website: oglite.com

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