The MISSBISH Team Shares Their Girl Crushes For National Girlfriends Day

Author: Coco Marett
08.01 / Lifestyle

In case you didn't know, August 1 is National Girlfriends Day -- a day to celebrate the amazing women we love and admire. Since we are all about that here at MISSBISH, we got the team together to share who our girl crushes are and why we adore them.  Share yours in the comments section below, and don't forget to show your girlfriends love today (and every day).

Nicole | @nic0lefung / @thatfoodcray
I have a major girl crush on Zoë Kravitz. She is incredibly talented, cool AF, and drop dead gorgeous. Despite who her parents are, she seems to be pretty down to earth in her interviews and constantly talks about how important it is to work hard and not expect things to be handed to you.

Sarah | @Modarexic
This is so hard to choose because I’m crushin’ on so many amazing women out there! But, if you look at my Instagram feed, it’s a toss up between these fearless women – Solange and Rihanna. They are both true to their style, their hearts, their creativity, and they are all about family. No one can change them or mold them into something they are not, and they just want to enjoy life with the people that they love. Solange and Rihanna inspire me every single day. They’re the dopest.

Coco | @cocomarett
Yumna Al-Arashi! I love her adventurous spirit and adore how effortlessly cool she is. Not only is she a talented photographer, but I think she's an incredible and brave storyteller who uses her medium to challenge societal norms and stereotypes.

Nav | @nav_x
Chrissy Teigen is always my #WCW. A woman of many talents, yet she seems down to earth and is just hilarious! I am also currently crushing on Stephanie Shepherd, Kim K’s right-hand woman. I love her style and the way she carries herself.

Marguerite | @margueritebb
Can I just say that every girl ever is my girl crush? There are so many unique and amazing women that I love for different reasons. Rihanna is obviously the ultimate girl crush. Everything is ugly until Rihanna wears it -- she is such a fashion icon and her attitude is EVERYTHING. I’m also currently obsessed with Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson -- the genius and hilarious duo behind Broad City. They are not silent when it comes to politics and keep it real when talking about what it’s like to be a woman in this world.

Kristen | @kriscloud
There are a ton of women that I’m obsessed with and all for different reasons, but if I have to pick one I'll say Olivia Wilde. I think that she has the best personality/sense of humor and any character she plays in a movie is instantly my favorite. She seems so down to earth and is also really witty. I think she’s beautiful too! But that’s just a bonus -- her personality is definitely where it’s at.

Ali | @seealidee
Solange has been my crush each and every #WCW for as long as I can remember. The girl is just so effortlessly cool and is also incredibly multi-talented. She was recently featured in a photo shoot wearing all white for Teen Vogue’s “Music Issue” and was so stunning, particularly in the look with the oddly-shaped, oversized, and absolutely fabulous Vivienne Westwood top. In my eyes, Solange can do no wrong! (Even when there's “a billion dollars on an elevator").

Angela | @angf_
I would definitely have to say my ultimate woman crush is M.I.A. The first time I heard her in 2005, I needed to know who she was and everything about her. She’s a rapper, songwriter, activist, visual artist, producer, and most importantly, a mother. Her music not only entrances her fans with techno/soca/dancehall beats but the lyrics are deep, too. Her music is one thing that captivates me, but her style is something else. She’s very street with a little sass. Her unique personality definitely resonates through her style as well. I can go on about M.I.A. but all I am going to say is that she is one bad BISH!

Heejung | @heejungkimm
My girl crushes are Jenn Im and Emma Stone at the moment -- I think it's important that I mention “at the moment” because there are so many girl crushes out there that it's so hard to choose. Jenn is such a gem! I love her work ethic and everything about @clothesencounters. It can be hard to relate to a YouTube star on a personal level, but I do with Jenn; she is so beautiful. Emma Stone is another hard working individual who is a shape-shifter and talented actress. She's so quirky and knows what she wants for herself. I admire her strength and passion.

Zenna | @pbr.mami
For sure I would have to say Jessie Andrews -- I first saw her DJ at a small bar in Calgary, Canada nearly five years ago, and ever since then I’ve been obsessed. She seriously does it all -- DJs, models, designs dope jewelry and swimwear, and travels to the coolest locations. Plus, she’s super supportive and empowering of fellow female entrepreneurs. Basically, she’s the bomb.

Mia | @miagvarra
One of my ultimate woman crushes is Sam Duenas aka SoSuperSam. As a Filipina-American, there are few Filipina-American role models in the media. Sam can sing, dance, DJ, and so much more. I really admire the way she carries herself and her passion for what she does. She can be goofy but gets down to business. I mean, no wonder she's "So Super" Sam.

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