MISSBISH Under The Radar: Andrea Valle

02.26 / MISSBISH Artist Series

Andrea Valle is a Philadelphia-based songstress and model that embraces both her womanhood, and her outlook on life, to form her unique approach to music and art. Her debut EP The Way It Goes mixes neo soul, jazz and R&B to create serious musical magic that is sure to give you chills. Since the release of her EP, she has gained attention from publications like The FADER, and even caught the attention of R&B band “The Internet.”

Her music touched the band so much that she opened up for them during their Philadelphia show in 2016. Since then, Andrea continues to write and build on her personal vision.

We got to catch up with Andrea about her inspirations, growing up in Philadelphia, and her plans for the future.

What inspired you to get into music?
Writing poetry is actually what got me into music; I started writing at an early age because for a long time, I had trouble voicing my feelings. It was a form of meditation for me but I kept it to myself up until I joined my school and church choir, which is when I started experimenting with my voice and letting go of the shell I was in.

How has growing up in Philly influenced your sound?
Growing up in Philly definitely influenced my sound in the most effective way, because it's home to some of the best originating neo-soul creatives and musicians. That alone inspired to find more ways to be experimental with what I put out, and it also gave me the drive to become something bigger than what the city makes you think you can become.

What message do you want to send through your music?
In my music, I always try to get across just being raw and expressive, but with a soft approach. It is a language in itself and with this next project, I want to send a message of growing above your struggles, not being afraid to challenge yourself, and solely letting go of any hindrance that’s stopping your progression in life.

What is the process of writing and conceptualizing a song like for you?
My writing process is definitely a 7th sense for me because it happens so naturally. I never really try to conceptualize a song because I think it takes away the fun and authenticity. Whenever I do conceptualize, I’m juggling a bunch of words and phrases that I’m feeling at the moment and finding my way of making them make sense. But besides that, I’m usually with a blunt in one hand and a pen in the other. I just like to be in my highest mindset while creating.

“Be yourself, be free flowing, stay consistent and put out the work that you want to put out."

Your music has a very jazzy and soulful element, how did this style develop?
I listen to a lot of music, and with my favorite genres being jazz, neo and R&B, it’s self explanatory where my style of singing developed. Being from Philly, it was a given to be influenced by Jill Scott, The Roots, Bilal and Musiq Soulchild. I feel like my take on experimental neo is going to make a stamp on the music industry.

For women, the media can be very objectifying, especially in the music industry. How do you stay above certain conventions or expectations?
Yes, for women, the media can be very objectifying - especially in the music industry. I try to stay above that by simply following my own rules. People respect you when you're confident and you are your own person outside of the expectations that come along with being not only a woman creative, but a black woman creative.

Your style is very unique. What or who are some of you personal fashion inspirations?
I love the range of versatility in my style, it’s something that makes me stand out. Some of my personal fashion inspirations right now are honestly from Instagram. I follow a lot of influential stylish people, some of my favorites are Sita Bellan, Jaymes Blond, Rox Brown and Aleali May.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?
Hands down, if I could collaborate with any artists, it would be The Internet. I actually opened up for them last year when they came to Philly for the Ego Death Tour. It was amazing, and they're so genuine and down to earth. With them being my favorite band, there is no question about it.

What advice would you give to girls who are trying to pursue a career in music?
My advice to any girls who are trying to pursue a career in music is to just be yourself, be free flowing, stay consistent and put out the work that you want to put out. It’s still very difficult for me to maneuver because I’m still getting my feet wet with only one project out, but it’s all about timing and the pace that you grow in. You just have to stay focused.

What are some projects that you’re currently working on?
I am currently working on my next EP, and I’m taking my time with this one. 2016 for me was about experiencing and gaining knowledge, now I'm taking what I’ve learned and transpiring it into these new tracks and visuals. I feel that people are definitely going to notice a different approach and attitude. I can’t wait to share a new part of me.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
It means being confident fearless and true to yourself.

Photos by: Amarachi Nwosu

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