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Author: Amarachi Nwosu

NYC-born Maricia Josephs is the definition of a girl boss! As a journalist and founding editor of Musings of Krav, she is shaping a generation of go-getting women. She founded her platform because she felt that there was a gap in fashion-forward, engaging, and professional content. Rather than waiting for someone else to fulfill her vision, she decided to take a risk and fill the gap herself. After working for companies like Nylon, ASOS, and Teen Vogue; she wanted to inspire others to see value in themselves and manifest their own dreams. Since the launch of her platform in 2011, the viewership has evolved into a community of young and driven women who dream and act on their aspirations. Maricia now works as an ambassador for Teen Vogue while juggling her passion project of motivating young women. Marcia’s journey is a sentiment to all women that risk breeds reward and anything is possible if you truly believe.

We got to chat with Maricia about what inspired her to write, women she admires, self-care practices, and more. Get to know her below!

How did you become a writer?
Writing was one of the things I just loved to do as a child, almost more than anything else. It was the way I expressed myself and my emotions, both good and bad. I started out writing poetry, then from there other things evolved. During my freshman year of high school, l realized that it’d be perfect to make a career out of it. I accidentally ended up going to a preparatory academy for writers in high school too, so looking back I see that it was my destiny. That was the moment the fire in me was lit, it hasn’t been put out since - thankfully.

For those who don’t know, what is Musings of Krav – and who is Krav?
Musings of Krav is a career-geared, fashion-forward platform that was created for the sole purpose of helping women on their career journeys. Our goal is to open the hearts and minds of young women to follow their dreams. This is achieved through compelling interviews with leading women in creative professions, career advice, internships, and jobs. Inspiration, preparation, and application. MOK is a community of women who dream in HD and support each other in their endeavors from inception to completion, and beyond.

I'm Krav, which most people don't realize at first. Krav is a nickname I got in high school, because of my obsession with Lenny Kravitz and later on Zoe Kravitz. I decided to use it for MOK because it’s a cool story, plus it has an interesting ring to it. It tends to make people ask questions, which I love. I’d like to think Krav is my alter ego and a career superwoman of sorts. Krav is fearless and boldly unapologetic in all of her professional pursuits.

What inspired you to create this platform?
When I realized I could fuse my love for fashion, the empowerment of young women, and journalism into a career. I was looking for platforms that spoke to me as a young professional in a creative, unique way and didn’t try to limit the big and unconventional vision I had for myself. I was looking for a platform that didn't so much tell me what I needed to do, but guided and provided inspiration instead. It's an important difference because everyone's journey is unique. The way someone else reaches success or defines success will be different from you and I. There is no real blueprint. So, as I was interning during my freshman year of college, I realized that I needed a platform to inspire others in the midst of inspiring myself. I needed to fill that void, and I did. I founded MOK in 2011 and it has changed my life, vastly.

You’ve done interviews with some incredible women on ‘Musings of Krav’ – was there any particular one that really had an impact on you?
I specially curate the interviews based on women who have specifically impacted me in some way. So all of them, but If I really had to choose I would say Vashtie. She has shown a lot of people that there is no limit to who or what you can be professionally. But she makes sure to stress the importance of taking the right steps to get there, actually working hard and self-exploration. I learned from her that you can do more than one thing, and do it successfully at that. But it’s about focusing on and mastering whatever it is you choose to do. Don’t just be a jill of all trades, but take the time to be excellent at each trade. It will take time, and that’s okay. It’s worth it.

“You have to be willing to go above and beyond and sometimes, you’ll be expected to exceed that–especially as a woman of color. Learning outside of school and internships is key, so you must always remain a sponge, no matter the position you raise to in life."

What, to you, is so important about women supporting, encouraging, and empowering one another rather than competing with each other?
As women, we’re stronger together. Competing essentially takes away from the goal. How can you focus on your path if you’re constantly looking over at someone else’s? Not just that, but every woman is great in her own right, and those differences make for great collaboration. There is room for everyone, and while there is such a thing as healthy competition, it should be all about you outdoing yourself. Lighting your sister’s’ candle takes nothing away from your flame. It just makes the room brighter, and well all need good lighting.

Tell us about some of the women who inspired you to break barriers and take risks.
First and most of all, my mom. She is my inspiration in every way to be great and break barriers. Not to mention, it’s because of her that I believe I can do any and everything because she planted that seed in me. Aside from her, women like NYLON’s Style Director Dani Stahl and Contributing Editor at The Cut/Consultant/Superwoman, Shiona Turuni. Dani because she has always taken a very eclectic approach to her style, both personal and work wise. She is a risk taker to the core. Not to mention, she’s the reason and connector for my first fashion internship at NYLON. Shiona, because she has broken so many barriers as a WOC from an island. I’m Jamaican, and she’s inspired me to really create my own lane as she has. She created the type of role she wanted. She works with fashion houses, magazines, and she also styles women like Solange. A multi-hyphenate in the coolest way.

If you could give your younger self advice on internships and career planning, what would you tell her?
I’d tell her that preparation and humility are everything. You have to be willing to go above and beyond and sometimes, you’ll be expected to exceed that - especially as a woman of color. Learning outside of school and internships is key, so you must always remain a sponge, no matter the position you raise to in life. There will always be something and someone to learn from, whether it is a fellow intern or the Editor-in-Chief. Always keep that in mind and you will be alright.

Writer’s block is a very real struggle. What do you do when it strikes?
I step away from the work. I unplug from social media and I’ll either get active, read a physical copy of a book or magazine, or I’ll hang out with friends to take my mind off of the task at hand. Getting lost in other things can bring you that inspiration you need.

What are some of your self-care practices and favorite things to do when you’ve got some down time?
Before I elaborate, self-care, especially as you get older, is really crucial. Extremely crucial actually. As an adult, a lot of things drain you and you don’t realize until you crash. No matter how much you love your career, it can consume you in a way that isn’t healthy if you don’t take the time to take care of yourself. But, my favorite self-care practices are usually beauty related. So masks, long baths, giving myself a terrible mani-pedi, and then shopping of course. I love films, so when I have down time I watch a bunch and get lost in them. Usually something horror or supernatural, those are my favorite genres.

Where would you like to see Musings of Krav - and yourself - 5 years from now?
Wow, that’s a great, but scary question. I see so much for Musings of Krav and myself. I really want Musings of Krav to continue to grow into a go-to platform for young women looking for that extra push they need to make their dreams happen; equipped with all of the tools to do so. As for me, I’ll be a fashion editor and philanthropist, in addition to remaining the EIC of Musings of Krav. Manifesting is a very real and valuable thing, you’ll see in 5 years!

What is your definition of success?
Success is doing all of the things I love on my terms. Of course, snagging a dream job at a favorite publication is a part of that - or growing my platform. But success to me at its core is doing whatever you want and not being put in a restrictive box.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
A platform that encourages us to daringly and unapologetically follow our paths to greatness as women, and on our own terms.

Photos by: Donte Maurice 

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