MISSBISH Under the Radar | Singer-Songwriter GoGo Morrow Stars in Lifted Anchors’ New Editorial


To showcase the latest additions to their summer quick strike releases, Lifted Anchors has enlisted musician GoGo Morrow to star in their new editorial.

Morrow can be seen wearing two new pieces including the "Jenner" track pant, which features poly-cotton and a stretchy slim fit. Key accents include double seams as well as ankle and pocket zippers. The second piece is the "Jordan" standard basketball short, which features a slight drop crotch, and a double knit mesh bottom finished off with a striped trim. Head over to Lifted Anchors' site to cop these new pieces!

We also chatted with the rising star about life in the music industry, as well as the inspiration behind her own personal style. Check it out below!

You’re prepping for the release of a new EP this year. What kind of music can your fans expect?
I'm still in the process of creating. So my ideas for the project are still changing a bit, but if I had to describe what fans can expect using one word, I'd say vulnerability. The underlying theme of the project is pure honesty; something I wasn't so comfortable with doing or being before. I've always been a person who internalizes my emotions, but I'm learning how to get out of my comfort zone and use my music as a platform for expression because that's the only way to truly connect music to people.

How has the journey been for you as an artist and how were you able to hone in on your own unique sound and image?
My journey as an artist has been filled with a lot of ups and downs. I've had some great opportunities and I've had some setbacks as well, but I look at each situation as a learning tool. I think my sound happened organically because it's just a conglomerate of all the different genres I grew up listening to. You'll hear a little gospel, R&B, pop, musical theater, and even classical influence in my vocal performance. As for my image, I would say that I'm heavily influenced by art, hence all the bright colors that I wear. My close friend Phillip Mimms is the founder of streetwear and art brand, HMN ALNS, and he introduced me to the world of anime some years ago; I've been kind of obsessed ever since.

What are some inspirations for your music?
God, fashion, traveling, art, relationships, my stories, my friends' stories, and really good music.

“I've stopped letting doubt and outside opinions waver my faith. I know my purpose and I'm not stopping until I get there."

You’ve mentioned hitting a creative roadblock with your music in the past. How were you able to overcome this and what advice do you have for others facing the same problem?
I think in my case, my creative block had a lot to do with my location. I didn't feel inspired anymore in Philadelphia. I was around the same things and same places, performing in the same venues and after a while, I started feeling stagnant. I was able to overcome this by finally bossing up and moving to LA, like I've wanted to for years. In general, I thrive off of new interactions, new information, and adventure. Being around people and things that aren't familiar has given me a new outlook on life. At least for now, haha. My advice for anyone going through the same thing is to figure out what charges you and what makes you happy, and chase that. Even it means taking a break from creating for a while just to live.

You also appear to have an interest in fashion, and the Lifted Anchors editorial turned out beautiful! How would you describe your personal style?
Thank you! I would say my personal style is very daring yet simple, but it varies depending on my mood. Sometimes I want to feel sexy and wear some short cut-offs and a cropped shirt, other times I'll look like I have on all of my boyfriend's clothes. But I'm almost always in bright colors because I love to stand out.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH is everything I believe in! Empowering women, highlighting the girls who are working relentlessly toward their dreams, and inspiring the ones who haven't started to get up and do something. MISSBISH is girl power!

Who’s your MISSBISH? Tell us who she is and why she’s an inspiration to you.
I could name a million women in my life that fit the description of MISSBISH, but I'm gonna go ahead and give myself the crown this time. I feel like I've finally taken control of my own life. I've stopped letting doubt and outside opinions waver my faith. I know my purpose and I'm not stopping until I get there. I still probably won't even stop then.

Photos by: Tasha Bleu | Jewelry by: Seville Michelle | Eyewear by: Socotra Design
Prop Stylist: Melissa Sanchez

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