Missed Our CANNABISH Slack Session? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Author: Marguerite Castaneda / Photos: Nice Paper

Last week, something special went down in our MISSBISH Slack Community. We hosted an all CANNABISH panel- titled Weed Like to Know More, and hosted a gang of girls all eager to talk everything cannabis. Panelists included Tiffany Chin of Leafs By Snoop and Marta Freedman and Charlotte Palermino of Nice Paper. Each of the women offered us a little insight into the industry and on cannabis itself. We learned and laughed so much, and you can read some of their words below. Make sure to sign up for our Slack Community to tune into our monthly session and connect with BISHes from all over the world!

What they wish more people knew about cannabis:

"I wish that more people knew that there's not a "one size fits all" when it comes to consuming. Some people initially just picture a bong rip or a joint and then their heart starts palpitating about that one time they got too high at a party in high school. There are so many ways to consume and not every strain, or edible, or vape pen works for everyone." - Marta

"I wish people knew that cannabis isn't necessarily for everyone! It seems to be the pervasive "it" thing to do, or be a part of, but it definitely isn't for everyone. There are many options to consume and all of these options cater to different lifestyles and values." - Tiffany

"'There is no one way to get high' is probably the thing I say the most any given day... that and explaining what cannabinoids are." - Charlotte

Is vaping "healthier" than smoking a pipe or joint? 

"I've spoken to doctors who say that vapes, pending on how they're made, can be really bad for you but those that are CO2 extracted are typically better. You want to watch out for butane, and, like you would your Kale, figure out where it was grown." - Charlotte

"Vaping has only been in the market for the last decade or so, so studies have not been done to see the effects (detrimental or beneficial) of vaping. Smoking [cigarettes] wasn't proven to be harmful to humans until the 80s or 90s and people had been smoking cigarettes forever before then! We definitely need to be careful about pushing the "healthy" alternative of vaping." - Tiffany

Weed & Workouts: 

"If I take an edible as I'm about to take a run, and the edible hits me 30min into my run, the next 30min of my run goes by soooo quickly and it just makes me not care and my muscles are looser." - Tiffany

"For me, it feels more enjoyable.. also in weight training or strength classes I feel less pain!" - Marta

"Always small doses though, it's great for muscle pain but because your liver makes weed water soluble, it binds to your blood better (typically it's oil-soluble so it doesn't travel as far or get through your brain as easily) ... and it becomes concentrated."- Charlotte

On entering the Cannabis Industry:

"There are so many opportunities: whether it's in horticulture (growing), technology (processing and oils), marketing and advertising. So whether you are interested in working alone, or working with other people, working in investments and capital markets, the cannabis industry really has it all." - Tiffany


"For cannabis in Canada and Israel we will have the research. Not until they remove cannabis from the federally illegal list of drugs (it's in the same class as heroin and meth) ... we won't be getting a lot of research here but it will come out.

All the doctors I speak to are privately funded or had to jump through major hoops for grants. I spend a lot of time on the phone with Israelis, Canadians, and the FDA and DEA (less fun) it's so new to modern science but, like, we've been using it for millennia it's wild we don't have more research." - Charlotte

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