Missed the Last Slack Session? We Got You.

If you haven’t joined the MISSBISH Slack Community, you’re seriously missing out — not only on the chance to talk to ‘BISHes from all over, but on our monthly Sessions. It’s our little gift to our users: the opportunity to talk with our network of dope women killing it in their industry. We try to ask all the hard questions, dig deep, and create meaningful conversations. The November Slack Session centered all around photography: the industry surrounding it, working in it, the artistry of it, and everything in between. We spoke with three fashion, portrait and lifestyle photographers: Carmen Chan, Rikkí Wright, and Christina Choi. Each woman works in the world of photography and is focused on connecting with other like-minded women through conversation.

Here’s what we’re thinking about this month, all told by the women in the industry themselves:

Advice for anyone interested in photography:
“You can like photography and shoot, but you don’t have to be a freelance photographer. The industry is huge and there are lots of ways you can be involved with photography. I know people who are full time photo editors at publications but shoot on the side and self-assign shoots for the publication they work for which is a perk.” - Carmen

“Super cliche answer but honestly just keep shooting to figure out what you like shooting.” - Christina

“I would say to find out what moves you, emotionally, and start finding ways to shoot that everyday.” - Rikki

What lessons have you learned about the industry that you wish someone had told you when you were just starting out?
“You have to REALLY love what you’re doing and always want to innovate and have a strong POV. If you’re in it for any other reason but the desire to want to communicate through photography, you probably won’t make it as a commercial photographer (but you can still shoot and be a photographer nonetheless). The other thing you HAVE to have is a business sense, understand that you’re here to service the client. Marketing is a necessity not an option. With that said, marketing can be in the form of getting your personal work out there, editorials, promos, competitions, gallery shows, etc.” - Carmen

On how to figure out rates for yourself:
“Outdated Google articles and asking close friends. Money is such a touchy subject but I wish people were more transparent about it.” - Christina

“I'm still currently learning so much about the industry. Like knowing my worth when it comes to my rates, asking more questions about the business side of things… etc.” - Rikki

On photography & social media:
“In this instagram day and age where people hire by looking at your socials, I think those lines are blurred where you have to constantly market yourself as a brand. If you label yourself as a "photographer," people expect a certain quality of your work on your socials which is annoying. I don't really care though, I just post whatever I want and hope people vibe with it.” - Christina

“Social media has been such a huge part of my success in freelance as far as in getting work. So I feel like I have to keep my feed up to date with my current images because that is usually what people look at as my portfolio so I treat it as such.” - Rikki

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